ZenMap GUI and Nessus Essay Sample

1. What are differences between ZenMap GUI and Nessus?

NMAP is run most of the time on a host in addition to port discovery, Nessus is usually usually attached to servers plus takes it to the next level. It analyzes the ports and seems for potential security concerns

2. Which scanning application is much better for performing a system discovery Reconnaissance probing of an IP Network system? NMap

three or more. Which scanning application is much better for performing an application vulnerability assessment with recommended remediation steps? Nessus

4. How numerous total scripts does typically the Intense Scan using ZenMap GUI perform? Runs 36 Scripts

five. From the Zen Map GUI pdf report page 6, who ports in addition to services are enabled on the Cisco Security Appliance System? 22 / TCP Available SSH Cisco SSH 1 ) 25

6th. What is the resource IP address in the Barullo Security Appliance Device? 172. 30. 0. one

7. The number of IP hosts were identified inside the Nessus vulnerability Scan? Depends on the check

Nine IP Addresses scanned, 49. 39 seconds, 256 IP Address (5 hosts) scanned inside 5433. 44 Seconds

8. While Nessus provides ideas for remediation steps, what else does Nessus provide that will help you assess the risk impact regarding the identified software weakness? It provides an approach either through a patch or update that will enable a person to repair that weakness

9. Usually are open ports necessarily the risk? Why or why not? An open port is usually only a risk when it is not said to be open. There are usually ports that will need to be able to be open, but kinds that have no want to be open should be closed.

ten. When you identify an identified software vulnerability, where could you go to access the risk impact of the software vulnerability? It’s positioned in the server section of the application, or a software symbol

11. Specify what CVE-2009-3555 is and exactly what the possible exploits are, and examine the severity of the vulnerability. It is the list of what the potential exploits are in addition to the severity of the particular vulnerability. It attempts in order to provide common names with regard to publicly known problems along with the goal of making it easier for companies to talk about vulnerabilities across different tools of which they may have inside their corporation

12. Explain how typically the CVE search listing may be a tool regarding security practitioners and a tool for potential hackers. Your vulnerability databases, providers, and tools can now talk to each some other. It truly is something that allows better communication of weaknesses across your systems in addition to even different vendors. An individual used to have to choose the “best vendor” and use their equipment exclusively. The downside is the fact public discussion of vulnerabilities across your system will be good information for a hacker to have and with this tool he doesn’t even have to operate the scan himself or crack a highly secure resource

13. Just what must an IT business do to ensure that software updates and safety patches are implemented timely? Set aside a certain team of members inside your organization whose duties specifically deal with patch updates and system fixes

14. What would a person define in a weeknesses management policy for an organization? It will provide a priority level for diverse systems that will tell us what systems need to be monitored more usually than others. It doesn’t have to be considered a program that houses sensitive info but they are typically on the side the list. Typically the highest priority system could simply be the 1 that is most probably to end up being hacked, like an Internet Server, and it may not contain sensitive info, but is actually a gateway to other systems

15. Which tool need to be first used when performing an ethical hacking sexual penetration test and why? NMap, it’s the first step since it focused on typically the host and gives details to Nessus to run its check out