The paper I am writing about is on how the government can make school better. To be honest with you I think kids need to understand that school is not supposed to be fun. In a way I feel that if teachers make school completely boring for kids then theyll start to get bored with school and just forget about it. If students would just think about it, school is there for you to get an education not for you to be on a vacation. The teachers are there to teach. I think teachers should keep school interesting for students while at the same time make it educational.

There are many ways it can be fun not boring. What about showing movie on the subjects youre covering in school And teachers should stop teaching right out of the book. When teachers do that kids dont listen they fall asleep. Go over things in class, tell them things that will catch their ears so they will listen. Most students really want to learn the material, but when a teacher is boring to listen to all the information they say goes in one ear and out the other. Another thing is that the government needs to make sure that teachers they are putting in schools have the high education needed to teach information to students.

In just Centennial alone last year we had a few classes that did not have a teacher all year. Yes its true that there are not too many teachers left anymore but its also true that teachers are not paid enough money for the jobs they do. If it wasnt for teachers there would be no type of education or futures for anyone. Teachers do a lot more than teach they inspire kids to go for in life. From personal experience teachers have had a big influence on me to stay in school. They would help me through personal problem in life as well as in school.

Teachers are an inspiration to lives. I think it is time people open their eyes and see that. Students need to go to uniforms I cant stress that enough. All this stuff that goes through kid minds on what people will think about what they are wearing is crazy. Yes it is nice to have nice clothes.

But does anyone ever think about what the kids that can not afford much in life feel like when they walk down the hallway in school and hear everyone talking about what nasty clothes they have on. Some people take it harder than others, and sometimes they take it too hard. I even have seen times when my own little brother had a dance one day at school. Well the night before he was all worried about what he was going to wear.

Now here it is just like a regular school day except they had a dance at school that day. He tries on about four or five different outfits and with everyone he says Well I dont want to wear anything that looks stupid because everyone will think Im a dork or something. Thats when I looked at him and said, And thats why schools need to go to uniforms. So kids like you dont have to worry what everyone else is thinking about what they wear to school. I see how much kids worry about what they look like every day at school and it is unbelievable how important their looks are.

Im sure theres many more reasons why the government should make it mandatory to wear uniforms to school. One good idea for schools is to have random checks on teachers. It would be good to see the teachers ability to teach. Most teachers know when they are going to be observed and let students know they will have someone observing the classroom and to behave while someone is in the room.

Which usually means, Hey you can sleep most of the time and play around but we have to make sure that know one can see that. I know from experience so I know how it usually works. If there were random observations on how the classrooms were handle. I think the education of students would be much better.

I understand that sometimes teachers aloud free days and that is fine. I just think it would be nice to see kids being taught better. There are kids that can graduate from high school that dont even know how to read. Even some schools that had the money to put cameras in the classrooms could take that approach. If cameras were put in classrooms teachers as well as principals could see how this particular person was in the classrooms. It could also help for security purposes.

My school has cameras and I personally think it is kind of childish but at the same time I know that my school is safe. I do not have to worry about getting hurt or anything while Im in school. A lot of kids are being held back in school and after they stay back for so many years they are put in their correct grade level, if they are prepared or not. Ive seen that happen too many times in middle school. There would kids in there that should be in tenth or eleventh grade that were in eighth grade.

Then finally if they were in there for so long they were moved to their right grade like they were never held back. To me that is not fair for some kids who have worked so hard just to get moved to the next grade. While these other students have just sat around doing nothing and are moved up just like them. Then when these students finally graduate they have no education at all to make it far in life. Make school all together a better place to be. Have more pep-rallies, fairs and dances.

I know it takes money for a dance but just have some more fun things to do at school. It almost like horrible to be there sometimes. What bout talent shows Everyone always has fun at those, it does really cost money, and anyone can be a part of it. And pretty much the only thing to do with money would be the money people would pay to get into the talent show. There are a lot of ways schools could be better.

The only thing is someone that can change the way schools are has to speak up and say something. If not then the schools will just remain the same. School should be fun, educating, safe and well mannered at the same time.