29. Refuse Disposal Plant Open the elevator door by hitting the button to the right. Head forward, and Gryphon will run up ahead to the incinerator controls. Hendrix: This is Ultor’s main trash disposal facility. Hendrix: That’s an Ultor Personnel Suppression combo t. I didn’t = = know they had any on Mars!

Hendrix: I can’t see Orion’s group on my monitors anymore. While Gryphon takes the first left, go forward up the ramp and through the door. Climb the ladder up ahead, then climb a second ladder to get to the roof. You ” ll be shot at by the combat as you climb, but just ignore it and get up there. He ” ll have a tough time hurting you while you ” re up here. Follow the instructions and you shouldn’t lose a single point of health, despite the holes he might create with his rockets.

As you look around the outer edge of the massive roof, you ” ll see several groups of ammo crates. Make your way around the outer edge as you make your way to each one to find ammo, med kits, armor, and a rocket launcher. Make sure to snuggle up to each crate and jump on top of it to make sure you get every last piece of ammo and equipment that you can. Once you ” re done, equip the rocket launcher and climb back down using a ladder away from the one you climbed up. The combo t should be shooting at you, so begin making your way to the lower level door. Most importantly, keep moving and take some shots at the combo t with the rocket launcher while you can.

Keep taking shots at the combo t and luring him out the large door on the ground floor until Hendrix cuts in. Hendrix: There’s a disposal pit at the lowest point of this level. Hendrix: Try to lure the bot out onto the pit’s covering, then open = = the doors from the control room. At this point, you ” ve damaged the combo t enough and he’s really ticked off. Now just turn around and run back to the disposal pit.

Once approaches the last corridor leading to the pit’s covering, run to the right and climb the ladder to the control room (where Gryphon is cowering in fear). The combo t will be unloading everything he’s got at you, but ignore it and quickly hit the right button to open the pit, then hit the left button to turn on the ceiling fan to blow the into it. Rather than waiting and watching to make sure it happens, run down the hallway and around the corner to protect yourself from further harm. After about five to ten seconds, you should hear and feel a large boom, and then a cut scene will commence. If that doesn’t happen, it means that the combo t didn’t get sucked in. Run back out, hit the right then left button again, then run back to the hallway again.

Keep doing this until he gets sucked in, explodes, and the cut scene kicks in. Gryphon: Yeah, yeah, Parker. Great job. You can pose for pictures later.

We ” ve gotta keep moving. Parker: Shut up, weasel. If Eos didn’t want you, you’d be dead by now. I’ll decide when it’s time to go. Okay, let’s go. Hoof it.

I’m not carrying your sorry butt anymore. Orion: Parker, Gryphon, over here! We ” re here to take Gryphon to Eos. Parker and Gryphon together: Thank God. Orion: Well, whatever.

Let’s get moving before security shows up. Not you, Parker, just the weasel here. Eos will contact you. Gryphon: Well, thanks, Parker. And good luck.

And don’t you start calling me weasel, too. Parker: Great. Screwed again. Eos: Parker, you ” re not far from Ultor’s science and medical labs. Hendrix: The labs are heavily guarded, and Capek is a very nasty = = creature.

Hendrix: There’s a vent that leads to the labs, but you ” re not = = going to like it. Hendrix: It’s inside the disposal pit. There’s an access ladder = = that leads down to it. Before making your way towards the labs, we ” ll need to fill up on armor and health. Climb back down to the disposal pit, then make your way down the corridor on the convey er belt. Take a right, then a left, the na right through the door and immediately through the door ahead.

There might be a mini-combo t in here who looks ready to attack, but simply ignore it and run over to the right side wall to grab some full length suits and med kits. Then make your way back to the disposal pit. You now have to open up the incinerator door, climb down the ladder, locate the ladder inside, and climb down to the vent. To take the safe route, open the incinerator door first then head down and simply locate the ladder. Then, go up and hit it again and this time get on the ladder inside the pit and climb down before the pit’s covering closes. When you get to the vent, crouch and jump to get inside, then proceed forward into the vent.