Keaton Friesen English 180 Lorraine Hansberry is the author of the play A Raisin in the Sun. This play is very significant because it was the first play written by a black playwright to win the Best Play of the Year Award. Another interesting point about the play is the title. The title A Raisin in the Sun also refers to Langston Hughes poem Harlem. In many ways Langston Hughes’ poem relates to Lorraine Hansberry’s play. In the play a family of black Americans have a chance to move ahead in the cruel prejudiced world.

Lorraine Hansberry shows the frustrations that occur when one’s dreams are deferred. The Younger family in the play experiences these times of misery when those dreams are broken. The plot of the drama revolves around the disappointments that occur when one’s dreams are deferred. I think that it was selfish for all of the family members to have their own plan of using the insurance money.

It was purely Lena’s choice to decide what was to be done with the money. I also agreed with Lena by not wanting Walter to use the money for a liquor store. When Walter went against Lena’s wish for the rest of the money to go to Beneatha’s college fund, and gave the money to Willy, it made me mad. Walter was being so selfish.

In the end Walter redeemed himself by pulling some strings to let Beneatha go to school and be able to move into the new house. Lena was very wise. I think that Lena was the only thing keeping the family together. They all revolved around her, maybe it was because she had the money and was therefore in charge. I liked the way she took control of the family and said what was on her mind. Like when her and Walter were fighting and Ruth had just found out that she was pregnant.

I think if it were not for Lena, Walter and his sister Beneatha would have probably killed one another in their arguments. I also felt that when they would argue Ruth would always somehow get stuck in between. Usually because Walter would bring her in to it. Ruth had to be the responsible person in the family, other than Lena.

Ruth did most of the work in the house and kept everything running smooth. There were also many symbols in the play. I think that one of the biggest symbols in the play was Lena’s flower. Lena tended to her flower every day.

It was the closest she could get to have her own garden. The flower didn’t see very much light and was slowly dwindling away. Just like the flower the Younger family was also dwindling away. The Younger family was like the flower, they too needed a new home in order to grow and thrive. Another symbol was the insurance check. The check stood for hope and inspiration.

It was the only thing that kept the Younger’s dreams alive. They thought that the check would bring them happiness, along with a new life. The check also symbolized the death of the Younger’s dreams. When the money was lost the Younger’s dreams were crushed. The couch that Travis slept on was also a symbol. The couch was old and worn out and it was covered with sheets.

In the end the couch was brought back to life. This also relates to the Younger family. Their family was becoming worn out too. In the end when they moved into the new house the family was brought back to life. The new house was also a symbol. It represented the freedom that the Younger were experiencing, but also served as a reminder of the segregation of the whites and blacks.

I think that the main message in the play is about when dreams are deferred. When a families dreams are deferred it falls apart. Families need dreams to hold on to and to strive for. This play shows how important it is to dream, and strive to meet our dreams and goals. The black people had a dream to be free and treated as equals. Today, that dream is partially realized as many others have recognized the rights of black Americans.

I wish I could say that the dream has been achieved, but it is getting closer and closer every day as people recognize blacks as equals. There are many people still out in this cruel world who still do not see that.