The best single line from all three essays is, “In playing with a Barbie doll, a girl can control the action, can be omnipotent in a miniature world of her own creation”, which was written by Marilyn Ferris Metz in her essay, “Seen Through Rose-Tinted Glass”. I chose this line to be my “Golden Line”, because I feel that it captures the main idea of a Barbie doll. A young girl playing with a Barbie doll can accurately demonstrate the person she sees herself becoming in the future. This is due to the fact that the actions young girls take with the Barbie doll shows the perception she has of acceptable behavior and her role in society.

First of all, when a young girl is playing with a Barbie doll, she tries to “become” the doll. Once the young girl “becomes” Barbie, she tries to put herself into an environment she imagines herself being in. Then when the young girl is in that fantasy environment, she can regulate the movements that the doll will make. By controlling the actions of the Barbie, the young girl can now make the doll do whatever she wants the doll to do. She can dress the doll however the young girl feels that the doll should be dressed. The young girl can also make the doll do things that maybe at this age; the young girl cannot do yet.

One example of an action that this girl may not be able to participate in yet is driving a car. Since most girls who own Barbie dolls are between the ages of three and eleven, they have not yet received their driver’s licenses. However, one of the accessories that come with a Barbie doll is a car. When a young girl “becomes” Barbie, she has now turned into a driver of a car. The way the Barbie is dressed and the manner in which the car is being driven will show the behavior of the child. If the child decides to make the Barbie doll look like a teacher and drive cautiously, this might show the person that this young girl wants to become in the future.

The actions that the child gives the Barbie will determine a lot about the child. Moreover, the interests that the Barbie has will also reveal information about the girl and the role she is trying to take on in society. If the young girl feels that it is important to be in a shopping mall trying on and buying different outfits, then that might show the role that the girl will take on in the future. This might also suggest that she is concentrating on fashion and making sure that she is dressed appropriately for all occasions. However, if the child feels that the Barbie should be dressed more conservative and the Barbie has a job, then this might suggest that the girl is very career oriented and has goals set. With this, the young girl will be creating a world in which she might see herself being in someday.

This little world that she has now created is an environment where she feels safe and has all the necessities of life. In conclusion, I feel that the sentence”, In playing with a Barbie doll, a girl can control the action, can be omnipotent in a miniature world of her own”, is the best single line of the essay because it describes what a Barbie doll means to a little girl. The Barbie gives young girls a dream world where they can let their imagination run free. When the young girl “becomes” the Barbie she is now able to pick her friends, what she wants to wear, and other things such as picking a career. She is now able to partake in activities that she herself cannot participate in yet.

The sentence also shows the importance of the Barbie doll to a young girl and the hopes and dreams that she has. As a child, there are so many goals that you want to accomplish and for some girls, by playing with a Barbie doll, help them get closer and closer to those goals. These are the reasons why I feel that”, In playing with a Barbie doll, a girl can control the action, can be omnipotent in a miniature world of her own”, is the best line from all three essays.