You Decide: New Sales Manager

You Decide: New Sales Manager Essay Sample

In the process of hiring a new sales manager for the companies new fiber optic cable, there are several things to keep in mind. It is not my intention to be able to select a candidate at this time. I feel a selection would require more information, such as reference checks, background checks, and of course extensive interviews with selected candidates. During the course of this paper I am going to discuss what many experts consider to be the key points to look for such as attitude, flexibility and overall eagerness to be a top performer. This is with the assumption that some tasks are completed before the selection can begin, such as a competitive compensation plan, sales goals and quotas, process for onboarding, and training (Blount, 2011). Without more information to hire a candidate at this time, a phone interview of all the candidate’s would help decide which ones to bring in for a face to face interview.

It is important to remember that there are legal limitations in the ability to ask questions about marital status or age (Thornberry, 2007), however since some of the candidates volunteer this information it is good know and is a factor in the interview selection process. Keeping in mind I would really want to interview all four candidates, my first two choices to interview are Karen and Jyoti. Mainly because they both have sales experience and their performance at their previous companies are documented as being top performers. Even though they both have experience in sales, Karen is the only one with a considerable knowledge of fiber optics. Jyoti not only has many years of sales experience, she also has proven experience in management, both leadership and training. With all this being said I feel this would give Jyoti an advantage when it comes time to hire more sales staff as the business needs grow and would pick Jyoti as the candidate.


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