About the end of the end of the world, well I can say… plenty. This final event has been troubling mankind for years, when is it going to happen? We ” ve been asking ourselves this one question for centuries. Nobody will ever really know the answer until the inevitable finally happens. Many people have their own theories and beliefs on when they think it’s going to end. But in my opinion, the only one that knows the answer to this age-old question is the Creator, our heavenly father…

God. Shortly before Jesus’ death, while he was sitting on the Mount of Olives, four of his disciples came to ask him for a “sign” to the end. Jesus did not give just one event as “the sign”. He told of many happenings and situations. All these things and others that were foretold would take place during the time bible writers called the “last days”. Let’s take a look at “the sign” and at the proof of the “last days” of Satan’s wicked system of things, and lets pay close attention to how they have by now been accomplished and are being accomplished daily.

“Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom”. -Matthew 24: 7 Surely you have seen this part of the “sign” being fulfilled since 1914! In that year World War I began. Never in history had there been such a terrible war. It was total war.

World War I was much greater than all the major wars fought during the 2,400 years before 1914. Yet only 21 years after that war ended, World War II began. And it was four times as destructive as World War I. On any given day, there have been, on the average, 12 wars going on somewhere in the world. “There will be food shortages”. -Matthew 24: 7 Following World War I came the greatest famine in all history. In northern China alone 15,000 died everyday from starvation.

But the shortage of food was even greater after World War II. A forth of the world was then starving! And ever since, food has remained scarce for many people on the earth. Millions still die of starvation – some 50 million a year! Even in places where food is plentiful, many are to poor to buy it. “In one place after another pestilences”.

-Luke 21: 11 Right after World War I more people died of the Spanish flu than had died of any disease epidemic in the history of mankind. The death toll was 21 million people. Yet pestilence and disease continue to rage. Millions die each year from heart trouble and cancer. Sexual diseases are spreading rapidly. “There will be earthquakes in one place after another”.

-Matthew 24: 7 From 1914 until now, there has been many more major earthquakes than in any other like period in recorded history. In 63 years from 1915 to 1978, a total of some 1,600,000 persons died in 43 great earthquakes. “Increasing of lawlessness”. -Matthew 24: 12 From all over the world come reports of increasing lawlessness and crime.

Crimes and violence are now running wild. In the U.S.A. alone, a serious crime is committed, on the average about every second. “Men become faint out of fear”. -Luke 21: 26 Fear is probably the biggest single emotion in people’s lives today.

It is not simply because of the ever-present threat of nuclear warfare. People fear crime, pollution, disease, inflation, and many other things that threaten their security and their very lives. “Disobedience to parents”. -2 Timothy 3: 2 Parents today often have little control over their children. Youth rebel against all authority. More than half of all serious crime in some countries are committed by children 10 to 17 years of age.

Never in history has disobedience to parents been so common. “Lovers of Money”. -2 Timothy 3: 2 Wherever you look today you can see acts of greed. Many will practically do anything for money. They will steal or even kill. It is not unusual for greedy persons to produce and sell products that are unknown, in one way or another, to make others sick or to kill them.

“Ruining the Earth”. – Revelation 11: 18 The air we breath, the water we drink and the land our food is grown on is being polluted. Everyday industries pollute our earth but we are also at fault because we litter and don’t take care of our environment. “Lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God”. – Timothy 3: 4 Most people today think only what pleases them or their families, not what pleases God.

Many love what God condemns, including fornication, adultery, drunkenness, drug abuse, homosexuality and other so called pleasures. Isn’t clear then that “the sign” Jesus gave and the evidences predicted by his disciples are now being fulfilled? There are many other proofs, but those that I listed should be enough to show that we really are living in the time of the Bible foretold as the “last days”. I believe today is one of the most exciting times in the history of the human race. We are actually counting down the days and hours before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ and “the end of the world!”.