Some people think that 1920 to World War II, for America, was an age of what?
Sale of arms to countries in conflict
Neutrality Acts passed by congress banned what?
Getting involved with European affairs
The group America First was against what?
peacetime draft
In September 1940, Congress created the US’s first what?
During World War II, America stopped trade with what country?
December 7, 1941
When did Pearl Harbor happen?
Where was there a large surrender of American and Filipino troops?
Battle of the Coral Sea
What battle happened around Australia?
North Africa
The first US troops to fight against Nazis did this where?
Invasion of Normandy
What happened on June 6, 1944?
Invasion of Normandy is known as what?
War correspondent
Ernie Pyle was a famous what?
the atomic bombs
Japan surrendered in the war after what happened?
The Manhattan Project
The development of atomic bombs was called what?