World History Chapter 23 Section 2

What was the name of the statement of revolutionary ideals adopted by the National Assembly?
Declaration of the Rights of man and of the Citizen
What was the slogan of the revolutionary leaders?
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Who did the new declaration of rights not apply to?
What happened to the church as a result of the national assembly’s reforms?
Church lands were sold to pay off France’s debt
Church officials had to be elected and paid as state officials
Who was strangely opposed to the church reforms?
Peasants, because they were devoutly Catholic
What did Louis XVI try to do in June 1791?
Escape with his family to the Austrian Netherlands
What type of government did France adopt?
limited constitutional monarchy
What legislative body was created?
Legislative Assembly
What three groups made up the Legislative Assembly?
Radicals, conservatives, and moderates
Who were the emigres?
Nobles and others who had fled France, hoping to restore the Old Regime
Who were the sans-culottes?
Parisian workers and shopkeepers who wanted even greater changes out of the Revolution
What happened when Austria and Prussia encouraged France to restore Louis to power?
The Legislative Assembly declared war on them.
Who were the Jacobins?
Members of a radical political organization who soon took control of France following the war
Who was Jean-Paul Marat?
A Jacobin who wrote editorials calling for the death of those who supported the king
What was the guillotine?
Machine used for beheadings
What did the Jacobins do to try and win the war against Prussia and Austria?
Draft 300,000 French citizens
Who was convicted of treason and beheaded?
Louis XIV
Who was Robespierre?
A Jacobin who gained power and whose rule was known as the “Reign of Terror”
What happened during the Reign of Terror?
Enemies of the revolution were tried and hanged in a matter of hours, they were often just other radical leaders who Robespierre saw as threats
How did Robespierre’s Reign of Terror end?
Members of the national convention turned on him, and he was guillotined.

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