Work pressure and stress at work are hot topic at the moment. Stressful situations at the workplace can lead to deterioration in the way of employees’ work 1 or even result in becoming sick. That can have an impact on the atmosphere at work and the quality of the work production. Personally I think that work plays very important role in our lives. Apart from the fact that salaries enable us to pay bills and survive, work – whether paid or unpaid – helps us to shape out identity, gives a purpose of our existence. It forces us to structure our time, gives us a useful way to spend our days and finally bring us to contact with other people.

As far as I am concerned working under the pressure is not necessary. I do not need to be convinced to do my work efficiently. Paid work is so important to people that they do everything to avoid the failure in the workplace. But sometimes something can go wrong, because there are the limits to what people are capable to handling and those limits differ from one person to the other.

When employees exceed those limits with problems that seem to be easy to solve, they can simply realise that the problem is too serious to handle it. I would like to avoid this kind of work problem pressure. Unfortunately, one on two profession is exposed to this sort of stress, because it brings to the employee to account. Nowadays it is difficult to find suitable paid job, which would not put pressure on us. 1 People working under pressure feel exhausted, tired.