On November 23, 1926, in a remote village in southern India, Sai Baba was born and given the family name of Satya narayana Raju. He was one of the person born for success. Many stories began that after Sathya was born, strange ‘miracles’ were beginning to occur. His was different from the children around him, and his actions and behaviors were obviously very strange. He was a vegetarian, unlike the rest of his family. He lived opposite his parents in a way that his life was nothing like theirs.

At the age of 13, Sathya received some sort of pain in his foot. He was unconscious for a day, and when he awoke, his behavior had awkwardly changed. People believed that he was possessed by an evil spirit. In 1940, people began to call Sathya an incarnation of God.

Sathya corrected this accusation easily by telling his father that he wasn’t an incarnation of God, but of a Moslem holy man, named Sai Baba of Shir di. He had passed away in 1918, eight years before Sathya’s birth. Sathya’s fame was widely spread when the stories of his ‘miracles’ were passed on. He was known to heal the sick, and the blind. He also protected those who needed help.

Sathya has physically appeared in two places at the same time and he has raised several people from the dead. The way Sathya’s miracle stories have been passed on, reminds me of how Jesus’s tories were passed on, and easily believed. They both healed the blind, the sick, helped the needy. But it is obvious that Sathya could never be compared to Jesus. Sathya’s teachings have influenced many people, and have caused more than 10,000 service organizations throughout the world. There are thousands of followers that have lived by the words and teachings of Sathya.

Sathya believes that he will die at the age of 96 in 2021 and reincarnate a year later as yet another life of Sai Baba. I believe that this man is living his life to the fullest, and it is shown through his words and teachings. Since he has so many followers, it is obvious that his thoughts and emotions have strongly influenced many people throughout the world. I believe that his will reincarnate into Sai Baba..