With Reference to specific examples, examine the advantages of migrations. [10 marks] Migration is the movement of people, involving a permanent change of residence. Migration can be external (international) or internal (rural to urban) and it can be forced or voluntary. Migration is caused by pull or push factors that is appealed to a citizen in one country from another country. There are many advantages of migrations as it gives citizens an opportunity to settle in another country and have a source of income that they were unable to be provided by their own country, like Mexico.

Mexicans usually migrate from their country to US because of great facilities which act like the pull factors and the increasing demand of employment in Mexico which they are unable to provide as a push factor. There are poor medical facilities in Mexico that is one the main causes for Mexicans to migrate. There are around 1800 patients per doctor that causes traffic in clinics and hospitals and decreases the qualities of medication. There are even poor medical facilities and not enough income to pay for the doctors’ fees.

Mexicans have very low paid jobs and their GDP rises only up to $13,800. Citizens don’t have enough money to support their families, don’t have jobs because of poor literacy rates and education system and there are 5-25% unemployed people of the population and 25% who are underemployed. In result of this, USA provides excellent factors for the Mexicans to migrate. There are excellent medical facilities in comparison with 400 patients per doctor and there are well paid jobs, rising GDO to $47, 400.

The education prospect is excellent, adult literacy rates reaching to 99% and many jobs available with 93% employment rate each year. In total, over one million Mexicans per year migrate to America, increasing the USA population and labour workforce as well as skills in demand and rise in GDP. In 2007 itself, migrant workers made up 36. 3% of the labour in farming and fishing and foreign industry, including 36% of the building cleaning and maintenance industry as well as 22. 5% of the food preparation and service industries.

Migration has benefits on both Mexico and USA. In Mexico, population pressure is reduced and so is the pressure of family pensions. As many Mexicans leave and earn money in USA, they can remit back the money to their families, it adds up to the Mexican economy. In USA, the jobs that American’s don’t want to do is filled by Mexicans, increasing demand for house cleaning as they are cheap labourers, increasing demand for service. It gives the USA, a multicultural enhancement, permitting new skilled young workforce as well as diversity.

By statistics, it said that nearly 23 million people of Hispanic of Latino ethnicity represented 15% of the US labour force in 2011 and it will rise to 19% by the 2020’s. Therefore, there are many positive impacts of migration, especially for Mexicans as they get a chance at living life and supporting their family by earning money and remitting it back. In US, the positive impact are lesser but of significance as it diversify the society as well as lift the economy standards, builds the workforce and draws people. Altogether, it is a benefited move for both the Mexicans and the Americans.