William Shakespeare was a playwright, he was born in Stratford upon Hull in 1564 and he also died in Stratford upon Hull on 1603. He wrote many plays such as Macbeth, which was a tragedy, Henry the 5th that was history, and he also wrote comedies like Midsummer Dream. He was a famous playwright; a lot of his plays had a good impact and kept the people intrigued in his plays. Shakespeare was good at using convoluted words, which were understood in there times but not very well today. One of the famous plays he wrote was Romeo and Juliet, which was a tragedy. Many productions and films have been made; however, the most famous version of the play is Baz Luhrman’s 1997 films with Leonardo Di Caprio and Clare Danes.

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play there is romance, tragedy, friendship, loyalty and grudges against the two families. There is sadness and happiness throughout the play. Two of the richest and most important families in Verona, the Montagues and the Capulets, are engaged in a deadly feud. No one can remember how it started, but it involves everyone, from the servants to the most distant relatives. Romeo is the son of Montague’s and Juliet is the daughter of Capulet’s. The three main characters in this play are Tybalt, Romeo and Juliet.

In Act 1 Scene 5, at Capulet’s feast, Romeo sees Juliet for the first time and immediately falls in love with her. Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, is very angry when he recognizes Romeo; he wants to fight, but Lord Capulet restrains his nephew. Romeo and Juliet speak to each other. As the guests are leaving the Capulet’s house, Juliet questions her nurse about the identity of the unknown young man who was so attractive. She confesses (to herself) that she has fallen in love with him.

Romeo and friends found out that there is a party in Capulets mansion. They manage to get hold of the invitation cards and sneak into the party, uninvited. Romeo goes to the party in hope of seeing the girl he loves from distance – Rosaline, but instead he meets Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet’s meeting in the party conflicts with the “ancient grudge” of both families. The families been having arguments for 100s of years because of this their parents wouldn’t consent Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. As soon as Romeo notices Juliet, he falls in love with her. He calls her “holy shrine” as if he is to worship her and the beauty. He feels amazingly happy and fortunate that he has found such a beauty, but he doesn’t know her identity. They dance together and fall in love – not knowing each other’s identity.

Tybalt detects Romeo and is very angry in seeing him in the party. He wants to kill him but Lord Capulet clarifies to him that killing him in the mansion will spoil the party. Tybalt agrees and waits for the day to kill Romeo.

Juliet’s mother was hoping that Juliet would spend time with Paris, and grow to like him and eventually agree to marry him. Paris is an eligible bachelor; he is wealthy, good looking and is a relative of Prince. Lady Capulet converses with Juliet, “Speak briefly, can you like of Paris love?” (Act 1 Scene3)

However things don’t go according to the plan, Juliet falls in love with Romeo instead of Paris. Not only Juliet falls in love with someone else she falls in love with ancient foe.

Within minutes of meeting each other at the party Romeo and Juliet fall in love and kiss each other. Shakespeare uses religious imagery to show the audience that they both suit each other; their relation is very emotional and really strong.

When Romeo and Juliet were talking to each other they said that every thing is fated in the stars and that your life is written before you are born. This shows the audience that Romeo and Juliet are made for each other.

They use this language to explain that they are made for each other. Romeo says he’s like a pilgrim going to a saint’s shrine. He describe his lips,

“My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready to stand, to smooth that rough touch with tender kiss.” Juliet continues the religious words and speaks in the same kind of tone. They both use religious imagery.

Juliet commands to Romeo, “You kiss by the book.” This means that Romeo has studied, how to kiss, this shows the audience that they both have a good sense of humour and are suited. They both use playful teasing language.

When Romeo finds out Juliet is a Capulet, he declares, “O dear account my life is my foe’s debt.” This denotes I owe my life to my enemy. This illustrates the audience that even if she is the enemy Romeo still decides to love her. When Juliet discovers Romeo is a Montague, she articulates, “My only love sprung from my only hate!” This indicates that her love is her enemy. She also expresses, “I must love a loathed enemy.” This shows the audience that she has to love Romeo no matter what the outcome is.

This scene is important because Romeo and Juliet meet, but this scene additionally features the reasons for the fights and deaths later on in the play. Romeo sneaks into the party with an invitation he got hold of. Tybalt become aware of that Romeo has come to the party. Tybalt thinks that it’s a personal insult; he seeks revenge, not in the party but later on. In Act 1 Scene 5 line 90, Tybalt verbalizes, “I will withdraw; but this intrusion shall, now seeming sweet converts to bitterest gall.” This shows the audience that Tybalt is allowing him in the party now, but he will take revenge later on.

Tybalt picks up a fight with Romeo, but Romeo refuses to fight him because Romeo married Juliet, so Tybalt was his relative. Tybalt insists and starts to strike Romeo. Mercutio defends his friend Romeo. In defending Romeo he gets stabbed by Tybalt and dies. Romeo hunts for Tybalt to takes vengeance for his friend’s death. Romeo kills Tybalt because of this he is banished from Verona; subsequently he goes to Mantua.

Baz Luhrman’s movie version of the play Romeo and Juliet is certainly not traditionally adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Luhrman uses modern costumes to help the viewer understand the characters.

In Baz Luhrman’s version of the party scene Romeo is wearing armour of knight. I think he chose this costume because knights usually save peoples life, in this Romeo saves Juliet. This costume makes Romeo look handsome, romantic and brave. The costume Baz Luhrman gave Juliet to wear is a bright angel wings with exquisite white dress. I think he chose this costume because Juliet is all alone and needs someone special to fill her life with colour and. This has the effect of making her look heavenly beautiful, innocent and angelic.

Paris is wearing the costume of astronaut. This makes him look a joke, a clown who can’t be taken seriously. I think Baz Luhrman chose this costume because he was scarcely in the party scene; Paris was not even in the action and was out of the planet. Baz Luhrman has Mercutio in the costume of a drag. Baz Luhrman’s costume for Mercutio suggests that he has strong feelings for Romeo. Mercutio’s love for Romeo is more than a friendship – explains, simply, his later action in fighting Tybalt. Lady Capulet is dressed as Cleopatra who wants to be a powerful queen and is aggravated lady. This suggests that Lady Capulet is frustrated that Juliet is not putting enough effort to be in love with Paris.

In William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ play; the party scene was essential to the plot because without it Romeo would not have met Juliet. Romeo was actually gone to the party in hope of seeing the girl he loves from distant named Rosaline, but miraculously Romeo meets Juliet and falls in love with her instantaneously.

Luhrman’s film makes the whole play a lot easier to understand because he used modern settings, cars and cities instead of villages. Luhrman has music in the play this helps the audience to relate to the characters and the story. Mercutio is dancing to the music; this highlights his fun loving attitude. Chorus to emphasize the mood. Modern version of events is in the film, e.g. guns are used instead swords, there was also drugs like ecstasy in Luhrman’s film, but these drugs were not around Shakespeare’s time; instead they had herbals. The party scene had a lot of talking in Shakespeare’s play. So the movie was edited, most of the talking in the party scene, which was not needed to know, was deleted. Luhrman tried to keep the movie as understandable and simple as possible, without ruining the main story line. To make the play straightforward, costumes of the characters described their personality and their appearances. Finally the editing of the movie has fast pace and quick shots to show the viewers the mood.