A college education is a great investment for anyone’s life and, as some say, “is not something that you should choose to have but something that shall be essential to your success”. In my case, a college education means much more than just being successful. As a proud mother of three, I always strive to be a role model for my children. It’s not always easy and, a lot of times, I make mistakes. By pursuing a college education, it teaches my children that, regardless of being an adult, people are still able to learn new things and change.

Watching me juggle family and study times teaches them how to prioritize things in life and how to better manage time. It encourages them not to give up after the first try, but to keep moving towards achieving their dreams, even if it means facing some failures along the way. As supervisor of the financial department at my workplace, I put a lot of pressure on my own personal work performance. Pursuing a higher college education gives me the self-confidence and guidance I need to achieve my professional goals.

By understanding and utilizing business strategies learned in college, it allows me to be a better leader to my staff and a greater asset to my employer. A church life has always being an important part of my daily life. Pursuing a college education has helped me to be a better part of my community. Going through college helps me to have an open mind, to listen, and to understand other peoples’ points of view on different subjects in life.

It also gives me confidence in my own beliefs and abilities to express myself in a way that doesn’t offend others. In addition, knowledge of different cultures gained through college experience is a great help during travel ministries to other countries. That being said, while I believe a college education is essential to being successful, it is also a tool to improve all aspects of my personal and professional life. It fuels my confidence and knowledge and provides endless opportunities for growth.