There were many factors that caused the start of the cold war and both the USA and the USSR took some part in causing the cold war. The USA and the USSR both had completely different ideas about everything. There viewpoints were both reasonable, they just didn’t agree. At the Potsdam conference, in July 1945, Truman told stalin that he had a new, incredibly powerful weapon. He didn’t, however, tell Stalin that it was an atomic bomb, but Stalin soon realised.

This worried the USSR and caused tension between the two countries. This would put the USA more in the seat of blame. However it could be argued that the USA felt threatened by the USSR and therefore had to build the atomic bomb to overcome their worry. President Truman was a lot more suspicious and less trusting of the USSR than President Roosevelt ever was. This was because Truman was a lot more anti-communist than Roosevelt ever was. He didn’t agree with the way communism presented itself and didn’t agree with its main beliefs.

Truman was capitalist and so was his country. They believed in free elections were a single president was elected and that property and business was owned by private individuals and companies. all these smaller points were included in the main disagreement of capitalism and communism; rights of freedom and equality. the communists believe that the right of individuals was less important than the good of society whereas the capitalists believed that rights of freedom overruled equality.

The atomic bomb was dropped on Japan by the USA. in the eyes of the USA this was completely necessary. They chose to drop the atomic bomb after much consideration of other ways they could end the second world war in that area. they thought of intensifying the bombing in the cities of japan, allowing the emperor of japan to stay on the throne etc. but these options would cause even more american troops to lose their lives in a battle that wasn’t even at their home. eems as over 55000 troops had already lost their lives, Truman decided none of the above options would be worthwhile. Therefore, when the atomic bomb was developed in the USA Truman decided that this would be the only way to stop the war in that area, and within a few days, Japan surrendered. On the other hand though, this threatened the USSR because they now knew for certain that the USA could develop atomic bombs and were not afraid to use them.