For example, some see having a good relationship with someone as success, some see success in helping the needy, some see success as being happy, and some even see it in having time to enjoy the little things. Considering the fact that I’m still a teenager and have not any plans for building up a family, success in my eyes is obtaining a relatively good status in society. It is better in my view to aim high initially because we will not be able to return to the past with our mea culpa. The road to success is like a busy highway, if you stop suddenly, you might get involved in an accident.

Just like our lives, everything is fast paced and many of us find it painfully difficult to adapt to this kind of life. Some are not audacious enough to attempt and therefore discouraged by the stress and adversity that is to be faced in the future. Besides that, many of us happen to be victims of indolence and having the ‘Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ personality. Our unwilling and pious actions constantly draw us away from our goals. Think of our lives as a game of soccer, only without the goal posts.

We would be like dogs without a leash, and sheep without a Sheppard, wandering aimlessly with no purpose at all. Now a game of soccer with the goal posts, on reflection to our lives, we set goals easily just as a soccer player sees the goal posts, but it requires lots of effort and discipline to score a goal as well as to succeed. Everything has pros and cons but not success, success is a like a rose without thorns, nothing but pure delight. In other words, success is the sobriquet for overcoming obstacles and to ameliorate an individual’s all in all performance. How then do we achieve success?

There are many ways we can obtain it, and one of the ways is by giving a concentrated focus on an action we are working on. Concentration can give us an advantage in magnifying our efficiency on something that usually only produces a limited amount of result to a more augmented one. Take for an example, a student who gives a full concentration in class can well understand and absorb what is being taught than one who gives less concentration and understands less. Focused concentration on a field where we are naturally talented will also give us a head start that can gradually lead us to achieve success.

A talent that we know can be practiced on and can be improved should be used to grant us opportunities that can be beneficial and rewarding, well begun is half done, bringing us a step closer to our goals. Parents should understand and know what are their children talents are so that they could start at an early age to work on it and use them to good use and plan their way to success. As said by Winston Churchill “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. ” We should learn through our failures to obtain an experience that will lead us to success.

There is a very small chance that anyone of us can get something or to do something at the first try and get it right without failure. What about the disappointments? Failing is not always the villainy of our improvidence much can be learned from failure. By failing, we will train ourselves to work harder and execute things correctly the next time we try. Success is obtained through failure too! For example, as an athlete, winning a competition is not an easy task as there are many others who also compete, thus if failure occurs, he or she should learn from their mistakes and get the proper techniques to perform better.

Learning through failures also enables us to identify the failures and makes them easily detected by us. This will save us precious time to complete a task and move on to the next one without ingeminating a mistake and with progression, we will succeed in it. On that account, failure is just like a bump on the road, that we have to overcome to move on and not to be discouraged by it so that there are no boundaries to the success we need. But we shouldn’t always expect things to go our way, failing never assures that we would get up and finish strong.

Failure is devastation, we must try as hard as possible to avoid this chimera, this illusion that depicts a so called ‘necessary’ step to success. Let failure look for us and not the other way round, and of course we shouldn’t let failure find us, unless we are noddy or face some home-grown entropy such as laziness and being highly dependent on others. Does hypocrisy have a say? I’m sure it does. As the saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words’ we should always put in all our effort on the thing that we are doing rather than talk about something we have yet to complete.

This means we have to use all our energy physically or mentally to make sure all out capability is put to use with concentration to fulfil something. It is a fact that most of the successful people in the world take these steps in their lives. World renowned athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, singers like Celine Dion, actors like Samuel L Jackson and writers like JK Rowling have spent years putting in their effort at what their good in and gave it their all to achieve different type of success such as status, wealth and power.

We should also plan our actions before starting on something so that we have the steps to finish them without holding back to change or repeat something that can be avoided. By putting enough effort and planning into a work, it will be completed quickly and efficiently hence more work can be done. Factory workers who work in assembly lines can be taken as examples where they work in lines that resemble the steps and all the workers have to put effort so that they can maintain the production and once a worker stops, the whole production line will be ruined thus there will be no product or result.

Another way success can be obtained is by being passionate about our goals and have a drive to achieve them. We should have an unprecedented passion and a drive on something that we are working on based truly on our love towards it. It will turn out bad for someone if they do not have the passion and drive on a job and could not contribute anything regarding to the job. Being passionate and to be driven also motivates us to give the best that we can offer to complete a task by reminding us to not give up on our goals.

When situations get tough and cannot be handled, we should always remember the passion that is within everyone which motivates us to get back into reality and solve any circumstances that we face in our lives to ultimately drive us to our successes, no pain no gain. After going through the sweat and blood of achieving success, cupidity starts to kick in. The desire for more is nothing but natural for most humans. Forgetting the importance of everything while in pursuit of wealth is a common issue that occurs in the world. This is ineluctable in the eyes of the wealthy. So are there actually dangers behind it?

Yes, in the world today anything to do with money involves parlous activities, hidden and ready to spring out at those with narcosis about what goes on in the world today. The amount of theft and murder are constantly rising mainly due to the need of money. Tycoons are now being targeted and robbed despite having state of the art security technology. Thieves of the 21st century today have come out with more trenchant ways to rob and pilfer from any desired locations such as banks and bungalows. They have become increasingly ferocious and posses a high tendency for murder.

Success doesn’t just appear in the form of money, happiness seems to be another form of success. If an individual is unhappy with his or herself, no proven amount of external things can alter that fact. I for instance, consider happiness to be the prime and inimitable importance of my life. Is it not better to be able to walk safely in public with only few cents in your pocket than to be carrying thousands and be afraid of being robbed? Is it also not better to be able to have a friendly match of soccer just for the fun of it than to get castigated upon the failure to score the match-winning goal?

It is hard to decide what makes a happy life because it can be very bemusing. We cannot agree on a definition of happiness that is consentaneously similar to everyone’s opinion. One man’s idea of a happy life will not be incisively exact to another man and what a third man considers to be a happy may or may not be acceptable neither to the first nor to the second. The attempt to decide what a happy life reminds me of the five blind men who tried to find the shape of an elephant. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. The idea of happiness differs among people.

Happiness is a state of the mind which depends entirely on the individuals concern. Someone may find certain conditions conductive to a happy life, while the same condition may fail to make someone else happy. Where lays the difference? Perhaps in the mental state of the two, the former found happiness because he was able to feel contented with those conditions, the latter failed concerned is satisfied with those conditions , it seems fairly reasonable to find happiness because the same conditions fell short of his expectations, he was discontented.

What about materialistic goods? This depends on each and everyone’s personal mind-sets of satisfaction. Materialistic items alone are probably unable to produce happiness, like a Stour between right and wrong, there must be a limit to these materialistic needs to ensure life can go on happily. So, before we try to decide what makes a happy life, we have to be quite definite what sort of happiness we are aimed to achieve to prevent an inner eristic situation.

Recessions have occurred, natural disasters too. Are there any other crises that we face? What about our relationships? The world as we know it apparently faces increasing rate of divorce, could this be caused by the lack of symbiotically trust? Are we neglecting the values of a relationship? I don’t find it surprising to see success in having a good relationship. In fact we could carry a portmanteau filled with the importance of maintaining a relationship. So what makes relationships deemed as success?

I see success not only intimately between a specific being but also the relationship formed between friends and others. We could be janissaries to our friends, supporting encouraging them when they need us most. The problem is, how do we obtain this successful relationship? After many ‘attempts’, I find that knowing yourself and knowing what you and another person wants as well as having the willingness to change, are key factors in determining the permanence of your relationship.

Besides that, relationships which are successful can be created through many different ways of desirability including resemblance of inters, differences that are corresponding, mutual attraction, competence, self-disclosure, and closeness. Successful relationships begins with your relationship with everyone you meet, start from the people on the street till the person you love , and even everyone amongst us , such as the person you pay at the counter , the people you study with , your friends and your family.

Other than that, there are many essentials that assist in determining and creating a successful relationships and one of which is communication. Communication is the basic in relationship especially where relationships which involve love are concerned. Love relationships often require a deeper understanding of just how vital communication is to the success of that relationship. Maintaining and developing successful relationships rely on the person’s ability to communicate their needs, wants, and goals within the relationship.

Besides that, we need to love and to be loved . This is the mutual way we were put together, and our essential need after food and shelter. It’s what holds the bonds of family together so strongly, parent to child, child to parent and siblings to siblings. It is the reason that society has developed marriage in one form because marriage is the ultimate expression of loving and being loved. Perhaps the dernier cri on the meaning of success today speaks of wealth? In this era, money is the first craze, people are becoming more avaricious.

Sometimes it is the only thing that determines success in people’s life. Most people say that money can buy power, money can buy fame, money can buy time and sometimes money can even buy ‘life’. It is said that money has become the first common goal for everybody. As the contrarian speaks, there is something else that can be measured as success. For instance, if an individual observes his or her career and feels satisfied and happy with the status, he would consider it a very successful life.

On the other hand, if he looks back and realizes he could have accomplished much more and feels disappointed, he will not be so successful in his own eyes. Success is directly in proportion to happiness and wealth. Without it, there will not be success. Success can also be attained by achieving goals. In order to require a goal, one must accomplish smaller goals that show up to the main achievement, every journey starts with a small step, slowly but surely making our way up the ladder of hard work and finally standing on the hedonistic platform of success.

For example, if a football team achieved its aim to win their district and the state championship, they would be successful. On the contrary, if the team had set out to have a winning record and fail to do so, the season would not be considered successful. One vital thing that defines success is our careers. With different careers, we will have different goals and measurements of our success. If you are a major scientist, success will depend on the research you do.

A formula that can prove your theory is true can be the greatest success in your life. If you are a writer, you will probably succeed if your book gets on the best-selling in the bookstore or if your works get published in a magazine. So we can see that measure of success in your life as the effort you have devoted and all the sacrifice made. As the years go by, the wick of the candle now adust by the flame of our busy lives begin to shorten and we are left with little time to direct ourselves towards our goals.

As mentioned there are no specific meanings of success, we shouldn’t let our time be purloined trying to comprehend another person’s idea of success. We should do what we feel is right and follow our conscience. This is my thoughts on what success is. No arguments about success have yet to occur with me, but we can all agree that to succeed, the time to start is now. The working field is only getting more competitive, and if we do not put in effort now, there might not be a secure future for us.