The air was foul; corpses lay in its essence. Rain flooded down as I continued to freeze. All that was visible was the fog as my brothers bodies lay helplessly on the floor. Debris and ligaments of alive and dead soldiers of both sides littered the floor. The smell was too bad to make out but I was used to it. My sore hands held on to my weapon waiting for the unforgiveable moment where my skill would be put to the test. An explanation was there for everything I could possibly see from my weak eyes, the dead bodies of innocent people, the horrific bombsite and the cries in the far distance of the dying soldiers.

The area I was in seemed to have been bombed down and isolated but that didn’t mean it was over. It would never be over… as long as I lived, the images of war, the dead bodies, the children crying, the men dying… All of it would haunt me to my last breath. Coward! That was the word that best described me as I made my decision of staying in the area with what we called the quarter of the group. 3 of us were alive from our group with two injured. The grim reaper was closing in on their lives as they continued bleeding. With our doctor missing none of us had the experience but still one word echoed through my mind.

Why? Why did I leave home, why was it like this and why was it me? In a matter of seconds, my heart was catapulted out of my body due to a dreadful deafening sound in the distance even though our camp remained unknown to the opposition. The area had been demolished and deserted before we came with the homes of innocent citizens now a hell for cold hearted people running for their lives. I set up a fire and let the heat rub against my sensitive skin which instantly went red. I rubbed my hands together as I examined my surrounding knowing that the death toll was growing higher even though I wasn’t anywhere near danger.

I could sense it with the gunshots I heard and the cries in the far distance. Or maybe the war had just got into my head. The muddy floor was completed with cadavers and furniture as w sat on them. The sentence of me being a coward continued teasing me as I tried to gulp the water no matter how ruthless I looked knowing my injured team members were coming close to death and needed it more than I did. What once was a beautiful town was now another dirty dwelling with its additional package of destroyed lives and broken hearts. The greenery that was once there lay in ashes bombed down like everything else.

My throat felt dry, reminding me of my weak legs and body but I was becoming insensitive to the pain. Still the gun rested in my hands, waiting for the unforgivable moment. I slowly started walking leaving my two team members. Every minute it got colder as the rain slowed down. As I continued walling I remembered the happy times which replaced my guilt with joy. The times when I was a kid and played with the toy gun not knowing the reality of it in the real world, not knowing the excruciatuating questions taunting you to your death and not knowing how sickening the images left behind would be.

Everything seemed to be dead as I continued walking. Just one road that I walked on went on for ages with nothing else coming, no cars, no people, and no sign of life at all. The smell that was still pestering me was either going away or my mind was used to it but either way things started to change as I walked on. I reached a river allowing me to clean my dirty body and to freshen up. On the other side of the river bodies had piled up showing a tribute to the bloodshed. A bridge alongside the river allowed me to hide under there. It was much colder and fear boasted its emotion while the wind whistled.

Across the bridge was the greenery of a lifetime as it was mostly trees and grass. The foul smell of dead bodies, burnt flesh and brutality was not something that would go away easily no matter how good the view was of the nature by the trees as next to it were the bodies of innocent children and parents. My body was too numb to move now and my throat was dry reminding me of the water I drank in front of the two dying men. The wind started to calm down as the day came to an end as I had no intentions of moving but to camp here till it was over