Violence on finally, the screen has increased significantly. Some folks believe assault movies must be banned yet I personally believe assault and action packed films should be allowed on national tv set with finally, the guidance from older people and then warnings for different age groups. Usually, a movies offers age limits, therefore father and mother must care for their kids in order that they will not improper use it by watching films that are not authorized to them.

Certainly, it really is clear that everybody could present a great argument for the influences in violence movies. By viewing violence and action loaded movies, it actually may cause real violence. Intended for example, if a youthful person kills or damages someone at school or everywhere, folks might feel that finally, the bad behavior is the result of watching violence films. But actually, we ought to not punish the vast majority due to the action of certain people.

In addition, if the violence movies are banned, the history of dictators such as Hitler could not be displayed to public. Also, it is more difficult to clarify about terrorists. Just by reading the history books is hard to deliver the message to the community. If we ban the violence and action packed movies, we lost a lot of thing that might have benefit to us.

Moreover, violence in movies might make some kid aggressive, however they can learn about the world from that. If there is no violence in the media, everyone would have to learn only from real experience. If they allowed to watch violence movies, perhaps they able to take a lesson, be more prepared and think of ways to overcome the situation they currently facing.

In conclusion, banning violence movies will only make other individuals being punish for certain individuals fault. Also, for exploring history and a lot of other beneficial things or input from the past we need use violence in movies to describe it. Violence and action packed movies also enable men and women to learn the fact of true life and ways to overcome it if that they face the same trouble some day. Therefore, I advise that it is do not to ban violence and so action packed movies, nevertheless parents have to have part in guiding their very own child towards the confident behavior by taking that positive values from that movies.