Paul, a former Director of Human Resources at the Utiliscan Company conducted an employee survey prior to leaving the organization. Utiliscan Company requested Paul to implement a plan, based on the survey results to address the employee’s concerns and to keep in mind the financial condition of the company. The plan will include changes that need to be made to the current systems, processes, policies, and activities based on survey results. The first plan of action Utiliscan Company need to take into consideration is the company performance reviews.

The results from the survey indicate the performance reviews has not been completed in a timely manner or either not done at all. Performance evaluation is an integral part of performance management, employee development, and good human resource management. A Human Resource representative needs to facilitate an improved performance review process, which is part of the job’s due diligence. The best way to resolve the concerns of the employees is to implement a new performance review process.

The performance review process is designed to focus on how the employee is performing his/her job to standard and it is a way for supervisors and employees to engage in sharing information and insight about annual performance. For current employees, there will be an annual and semiannual review of their performance. With the company expecting a significant growth rate, the performance review process should also have guidelines to address new hires. When an employee probationary period has ended, a review of the employee performance will be conducted and then the employee will follow the normal review process.

The new hire will not have the annual review; however, they will be counseled on a monthly basis, evaluated, and are kept abreast of his/her performance. By counseling, a new employee it will give the employee the opportunity to ask questions and to be receptive to critical criticism from his/her supervisor. During the probationary period if the employee is not, meeting the expectations then the employee could be subjected to termination. The annual review will be performed to evaluate the employees’ progress towards the goals of Utiliscan.

At this time, the employee will have the opportunity to prepare a self-evaluation. The self-evaluation process provides the employees the opportunity to document their contributions and achievements. The manager will complete a review of the employees’ performance. The semiannual reviews give supervisors an opportunity to provide mid-year feedback about an employee’s progress toward annual goals. The survey results had an overwhelming concern for opportunities to improve their skills. The less expensive approach to this issue is to setup rotational opportunities for the employees.

There will be a formal rotational program were employees that are interested could participate. The employees will have the opportunity to perform different jobs within the company for a specific period. The rotations will allow the employees to develop more skills and learn the overall business operations of the company. The rotations could also be a stage of advancement to promotions. The employee who is an over achiever, take the initiative, needs little or supervision, good work ethic, and have a vast background will be on management’s radar when promotional positions become available.

Another approach to the issue “few if any opportunities to improve their skills” is to offer the employees external and internal training classes. It will be more cost effective to conduct the training classes internally. The classes will incorporate the latest techniques to help the employees with their efficiency and productivity. The classes can be offered on quarterly basis with a different subject for each quarter’s class. Employee’s suggestions should be taken into consideration so the company can offer the employees the opportunities to improve their skills.

According to Mathis& Johnson (2009), training and development efforts can be designed to indicate that employers are committed to keeping employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities current. Upon the company’s financial improvement, the company may offer a comprehensive incentive package, which include, tuition reimbursement, health benefits, pay increases, and time off awards, employee recognition, to mention a few. Employees will receive assistance to attend school to gain further knowledge to improve their skill and add value to the company.

Further, Utiliscan Company should provide the family-oriented benefits, which would include the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The FMLA would apply to eligible employees who have worked at least 12 months and 1,250 hours in the previous year. The FMLA allow employees to take a total of 12 weeks’ leave during any 12 month period to provide care to family members during birth, adoption, foster care placement of a child, provide care for a spouse, child, parent with a serious health condition, or a serious health condition of an employee that requires in-patient, hospital, hospice or residential medical care or physician care. The safety concerns can be resolved through companywide mandatory safety training. There were only about half of the employees whom felt safe and to increase the percentage safety has to be a top priority of the company.

Safety training can be done in various ways such as regular session with supervisors, managers, and employees are often coordinated by HR staff members. Communication of safety procedures, reasons and why accidents occurred, and what to do in an emergency is critical. A recommendation to Utiliscan is to produce newsletters, updating posters and bulletin boards, and posting safety information in visible areas. In addition, Utiliscan can utilize a recognition program to encourage positive employee safety habits. Employees who have reached safety goals should be recognized and rewarded for their achievement. Another approach to improve the safety concern is to incorporate them into the employee’s goals in their annual and semiannual performance review process.

The best way to increase the employee’s safety is to provide the necessary resources to provide safety awareness to all employees. The survey was conducted to get some feedback from the employees on various issues facing the company. It is the goal of Utiliscan to resolve the issues to retain their current workforce and attract new talent to the company. With there being a financial obstacle standing in the path of improvement, the plan discussed will address some of the issues that can be resolved without any financial assistance.

By engaging the employee cooperation and utilizing internal expertise, the company can avoid the financial burden of obtaining consultant services. In addition, employees may take more of a leadership role in the company. The focus will be on creating a new performance review process, providing opportunities for employees develop more skills through training classes and improving the safety awareness. The improvement process will be on going, for the organization and when the financial conditions improve, the remaining issues will be resolved appropriately.