US History Chapter 9 Quizlet

The 3rd President of the US
Thomas Jefferson
The Judge for The Marbury VS Madison Trial
John Marshall
Made it so 2 presidents from the same party can’t run against each other
12th Amendment
Allows courts to declare laws unconstitutional
Judicial Review
Amount of Money Jefferson payed for the Louisiana Purchase
15 million
The act that cut of trade with all foreign nations
Embargo Act
What determines the winner of an election if 2 presidents tie
House of Representatives Votes
The 4th President of the US
James Madison
The struggle Jefferson faced when doing the Louisiana Purchase
He wasn’t sure if it was constitutional
Why Napoleon sold the Louisiana Purchase
The French needed money to fight the British
How Jefferson justified the Louisiana Purchase
He said it was a treaty with foreign nations
How did the Louisiana Purchase change America
It doubled the size
Why Jefferson created the Embargo Act
To prevent impressment
The effect the Embargo Act had on the British
No effect
How congress fixed the Embargo Act
They repealed it and only cut off trade with France and Britain
Why the military was weak at the beginning of the War of 1812
Jefferson had cut military costs
Who won the War of 1812
United with Native Americans
Who helped the British fight Americans
Native Americans
A term that means pride in one’s country
2 men that lead the corps of discovery
Lewis and Clark
The only women in the corps of discovery
3 goals Jefferson gave Lewis and Clark on the corps of discovery
1. Make friends with Natives
2. Journal Plants and Animals
3. Find Northwest Passage
Wrote the words to the national anthem
Francis Scott Key
British actions that lead to the War of 1812
British intrusion into American international affairs and trade
What happened in the US after the War of 1812
An era of good feelings
How much an acre of land was with the Louisiana Purchase
3 cents
How many states were in the Louisiana Purchase
The Result of Marbury VS Madison
Judicial Review was created
Who tied in the 1800 election
Jefferson and Burr

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