Unit 5 Vocab – 4th Grade

(adj.) steamy or heavy with moisture; moist or damp SENTENCE: Ice cold lemonade is refreshing on a humid day. SYNONYM: muggy, soggy, sweltering; wet, clammy ANTONYM: dry, arid
(v.) to whip or strike; to scold; to strap down with a rope or cord SENTENCE: A cornered animal may lash out in fear (n.) a whip; a blow made by or as if by a whip; an eyelash SENTENCE: the man bore scars from the cruel lash SYNONYM: (v.) to flog, thrash; to criticize; to tie, fasten ANTONYM: (v.) to praise
(v.) to be against, resist, object to; to be in direct contrast with SENTENCE: A group of senators will oppose the bill SYNONYM: to protest, fight, dispute, confront; to deny, combat, contradict ANTONYM: to aid, assist, approve, confirm, cooperate, favor, help, support, join
(n.) a person or group that goes first to explore, open, prepare, or settle an area; someone who breaks new ground, as in science or ideas SENTENCE: The Wright brothers became pioneers when the piloted the first powered flight in 1903. (v.) to open the way for others to follow SENTENCE: Our city will pioneer the use of electric buses. SYNONYM: (n.) settler, explorer, trailblazer; developer, innovator; ANTONYM; follower
(adj.) showing or having good judgement or reason; aware of SENTENCE: It’s only sensible to wear a warm coat on a cold day SYNONYM: reasonable, wise, prudent; informed conscious, observant ANTONYM: foolish, unwise, unreasonable; unaware
(adj.) having value, importance, or worth; good enough for SENTENCE: Many people volunteer to work for a worthy charity. SYNONYM: deserving, excellent, admirable, useful ANTONYM: unworthy, useless
(n.) an object made long ago; something made in the past SENTENCE: Some people fill their homes with antiques. (adj.) from the past; very old SENTENCE: The antique cradle was carved in 1847. SYNONYM: (n.) an heirloom, relic; (adj.) ancient, old fashion, vintage ANTONYM: (adj.) modern, new, current, fresh
(n.) suitcases, bags, packages, equipment, or other items travelers carry; things that get in the way SENTENCE: Many travelers carry too much baggage SYNONYM: luggage, trunks; a hindrance, burden, impediment
(n.) a shortened version of previously published writings; a magazine that publishes such short versions
SENTENCE: My parents read a monthly digest of international news (v.) to understand or grasp an idea; to break down food within the body for nourishment SENTENCE: You may need time to digest the lessons you learned in school this week. SYNONYM: (n.) a summary; (v.) to absorb, assimilate; to eat, consume
ANTONYM: (n.) an extension, expansion
(v.) to set up, start, organize, or bring about; to prove beyond doubt SENTENCE: The new baby’s parents will establish a fund for her college education SYNONYM: to build, create, form, plant; to confirm, demonstrate, show ANTONYM: to destroy, ruin, to disprove
(adj.) lasting for all time; with no beginning or end; continuing forever; seeming to be endless SENTENCE: Poets write of eternal promise of spring. SYNONYM: everlasting, timeless; constant, permanent; continual ANTONYM: temporary, ending, brief, fleeting, short, changeable
(n.) speed or quickness of motion; overeager action without caution SENTENCE: If you work in haste, you may make careless mistakes. SYNONYM: hurry, swiftness, rashness, carelessness; ANTONYMS: slowness, caution

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