Understanding the Life of Kate Chopin and Her Writings

Kate Chopin is regarded and widely known as one of the most prominent American authors of short stories and novel, more especially with that of the stories that have something to tell about the background of Louisiana Creole. As seen to be distinct from other well-known authors or writers, Kate Chopin’s career is seen to have been through numerous twist and turns that are filled with significant factors in her life as well as with her writing style.

As of the present time, Kate Chopin is now regarded as a predecessor of feminist writers or authors in the 20th century wherein form the year 1869 and up to the 1902, she has written numerous short stories that caters to both children and adult readers which have been published in the magazines such as the Vogue, Harper’s Youth’s Companion, Atlantic Monthly, and the Century. At such a very young age, Kate Chopin has already been exposed through numerous hardships and difficulties.

Her childhood days in Louisiana are filled with a wide range of experiences that leans towards both happiness and tragedy. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in the year 1850, Kate Chopin is born with the maiden name of “Kate O’Flaherty” and her parents’ names are Eliza and Thomas O’Flaherty. Kate Chopin is third of five children of the O’Flaherty but she is left as the only one existing among the five as her sisters have died during infancy and her brothers from her father’s first family have also died in their early twenties.

Thus, with these experiences of tragedies about her family, it is seen evident that Kate Chopin has a distinct and colorful life that could serve as an influential factor in her writing style (Kate Chopin). Moreover, growing up as one of the normal young ladies coming from prominent class of French Creole, Kate Chopin has lived with the guidance her mother and other female relatives, who are all widows, after the tragic death of her father in a train accident.

With the higher rate of deaths in her family and growing with the guidance of nuns in her school at “The Sacred Heart Academy,” Kate Chopin is able to witness both the struggle of a woman and the significance of females in the picture of her widow relatives and the nuns in her school that is seen to have been an influential aspect in her writing style as she adopts the feminist perspective.

Likewise, the life of Kate Chopin as a wife that has experienced the feeling of how to be a widow and come to a point of her life wherein she has to continue living for her family in replacement of the empty shoes that her husband has left, have further strengthened the passion and empowered her feministic side as seen evident in her writings and works. In addition to this, the life’s experience of Kate Chopin as a widow, who seeks for love and care from a man that knows exactly how to please a woman, is also a significant influence in her writing wherein she has been involve in relationships of forbidden love.

Kate Chopin has fallen in love and been through love affairs with a married farmer. In here, Kate Chopin has seen the significance and the sad reality about the needs of the women of such emotional feelings that have been well essential in most of her stories and novels that she have written which tells about the emotional struggle of women and discontentment with love.

In the end, the personal experiences and the way Kate Chopin has been raised as a woman are seen to have been the main influential factors to her in becoming one of the foremost feminist writers. Thus, with her tragic married life and involvement with forbidden love, writing is seen to be her primary way to start a new life again and express her feelings of sadness and disappointment in her life.

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