Television has been in India for over 40 years now. During the first few years the growth of television was very sparing and the distribution happened of mostly black and white sets. This was because in the early period the people used to think of it as a luxury item without which the life could go on.

It is in the last 25 years that the television market has picked up pace and is growing rapidly. A very significant year in the advent of television industry in India was 1982. This was the time when the Indian government allowed import of thousands of color TV sets for the broadcast of Asian Games held in New Delhi. After this the real boom of TV industry started. Today India is the largest market for TV sets and also viewership. Not only this, but overall TV industry is the most booming sector among consumer electronics in India. The main market capture is divided in between Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

Samsung History: Samsung Electronics is a South Korean organization which manufactures TV and is globally the leader in LCD TV section. For over 70 years Samsung Electronics has served the world with new innovations. On March 1, 1938, founding chairman Byung-Chull Lee started business in Taegu, Korea. Samsung started the production of its first Black and white television (model: P-3202) in 1970. In the phase from 1990-99 Samsung came up with lot of innovations and they were the first company to produce and supply a whole line of digital TVs.

In 2010 Samsung Electronics began mass producing industry’s first 3D TV panel. Over the years Samsung has won lot of awards for its TV manufacturing capabilities. “At Samsung, we follow a simple business philosophy: to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society”. Vision: The vision for Samsung is “”Inspire the World, Create the Future. ” “This new vision reflects Samsung Electronics’ commitment to inspiring its communities by leveraging Samsung’s three key strengths: “New Technology,” “Innovative Products,” and “Creative Solutions. — and to promoting new value for Samsung’s core networks — Industry, Partners, and Employees. Through these efforts, Samsung hopes to contribute to a better world and a richer experience for all. ” Products: Samsung has huge variety of TV types to select from: LED TV: The Future Smart TV It has very good picture quality. The new series in this category has voice and motion control, Face recognition. It also has good 3D experience. There are a total of 31 different TV sets available in this category belonging from series 4 to series 8 and also from 19 inches to ones above 50 inches.

The TV sets also range from 13000 rupees to 273000 rupees. LCD TV: See Richer Colours with Wide Colour Enhancers. It has a slim design and it produces crisp picture quality. The colours in the picture seem to come to life because of its stunning LCD screen. There a total of 4 different variants present in this section. All this are in series 4 and are present in 22 inches and 32 inches sizes. The TV sets range from 13000 rupees to 28000 rupees. Plasma TV: Ultimate BIG Screen Entertainment. It has stunning design and picture quality.

You get smooth motion pictures, high contrasting picture quality with motion control and face detection. The TV set also provides web connectivity. There are a total of 8 different variants present in this section. The TV sets series is 4+, 5+, and 8+. The TV is present in 43 inches, 51 inches and 64 inches. The cost ranges from 38000 to 240000. Ultra Slim Fit TV: 40% slimmer 20% lighter 100% stylish The Ultra SlimFit TV incorporates a revolutionary compact. These TVs fit in any corner of your home and stylish life elegantly. There are a total of 22 different variants present in this section.

The TV ranges from 20-29 inches in size. The cost of these TVs ranges from 8500 to 16000 rupees. Flat TV: Technology that celebrates LIFE. The technology and style of these TVs are combined for a better entertainment. It’s a TV that suits the budget but does not compromise on quality and technology. There are a total of 14 variants for this section. The TV ranges from 20-29 inches in size. The cost of these TVs ranges from 7700 to 15000 rupees. Support: Samsung Electronics gives u a free download of all the Manuals and required downloads for any type of TV set.

It also has an online Help ; Support system which helps the customers to have quick fix of some know issues. It has a very good network of its support service which reaches the customers doorstep on demand. It has a good feedback system. Promotions: In television industry Samsung has been the leader due to its innovative TV sets and the latest ones the LED ES8000 and ES7500 series and the Plasma E8000 series in the Indian market has been the new age Smart TV which will remain in the market and improve the share of the manufacturer until a new innovation is out.

The costing of this TV has been kept in minds and has been in the range where in people will get out and try buying it for the sheer experience the TV gives. Also it is the sponsor for Chelsea Football Club which makes people aware about the brand. They put out the products at some huge exhibitions so that the public can himself come and see the televisions capabilities. They have a very strong advertising campaign wherein they use big celebrities and also sign big singing groups. Place: The products are sold not only at retail store, huge super markets but also online.

So the consumer can go and buy it from a huge network of places and make him satisfied with experience he gets out of it. LG History: LG Electronics was founded in 1958 back then the name of the company was Goldstar. It has been first producer of lot of electronics items in Korea. It was the first producer of radio in 1959. It produced the first refrigerator of Korea in 1965, First producer of Black ; White TV in Korea in 1966, First air-conditioner in 1968, first washing machine produced in 1969, first colour TV produced in 1977, etc. Goldstar changed to LG Electronics in 1995.

The first producer for “40-inch Plasma TV and the world’s first IC set for DTVs developed India production subsidiary (LGEIL) established” in 1997 also produced World’s first 60 “ plasma TV in 1998. LG has been also the first Company to commercialize some of the biggest sizes of plasma TV of 71” in 2004 and 102” in 2005. LG was also the first to commercialize the largest LCD TV of 55” in 2004. Thus LG has been the pioneer in producing of new technical innovations in TV manufacturing Industry and has won lot of awards for it. Brand Identity:

The brand is known for its four basic elements : Value, Innovation, People, Passion The word LG in the logo speaks for itself , It symbolises that the consumer of LG is in close relationship with LG and you will also find that the colour or the texture of LG logo has never changed as it symbolises that they want to deliver the best to their customers over a long period of time. Brand Logo: Face: The stylized face symbolizes for the companies friendliness and easy approachability. Circle: The circle represents the globe and also the humanity, it also represents the youth and the future.

Shape: The upper end on the right is intentionally left blank to make it asymmetric which represents innovative thinking. Colours: LG Red mainly symbolizes friendliness and also its commitment to deliver the best to its customers. LG Gray represents technology and reliability. Vision: LG visions itself to provide its customers with innovative products and superior service while aiming to be in the top 3 companies in the world. They also hold their philosophy “ Great Company, Great People” as they think that only great people together can create a great company. Products: Plasma TV:

It provides razor sharp pictures which gives the customer an experience of a theatre/stadium at home. This has 10 different variants and each one is a sleek design to impress the consumer buying it. These TVs are in 42”, 50” and 60” in size. LG Pentouch TV – Touch The Wonder. This variant allows the kids and even grown-ups to draw on huge wide screen. Flat Colour TV: The TVs are a perfect blend of good pictures and good sound quality. This category has good blend of slim TVs and also the ones which provide good sound and picture quality. The variants in this category are 33 and are of 14”, 21” and 29”+ in size.

HD LCD TV: These are full HD TVs with advanced IPS LCD Panels, Smart Energy Saving. The TVs are eco-friendly in the sense they consume less electricity but still provide good picture quality. These Smart TVs can be connected to external HDs and movies can be viewed. This category has 19 variants and is available in 22”, 32” and 42” sizes. 3D TV: These TVs are stylish and good in 3D quality. LG Cinema 3D Smart TV means battery free 3D Glasses, 2D to 3D Conversion ; a 3 mode magic motion remote control together bringing more convenience in watching 3D ; controlling Smart functions.

It has built in Wi-Fi system and loads of smart functions to use. There are 29 variants in this category. The sizes vary from 47” and 55”. Pricing: The pricing of the TVs in each category is at a level which is not heavy for the pockets of the consumer. The TVs in Flat TV category are ranging from 8000 to 25000 rupees. The TV are priced as per the technology grows with each variant. LG TV is trying to capture 50% share of the marketing 3D TV by launching new series in the Indian Market. Last year the market share in 3D Tv for LG was 40%. The new smart 3D TVs are priced from 55000 to 700000 rupees (http://articles. conomictimes. indiatimes. com/2012-05-05/news/31586465_1_market-share-lg-electronics-new-range). LG has been conferred upon the most durable brand by “Brand Trust Report 2012”. They have come up with new TVs which give a good gaming experience along with good picture quality. Promotions: LG is a main sponsor for the ICC Cricket World Cup, the pinnacle event for cricketing world. LG is official Global Partner of Formula1 and also Technology partner of Formula1. It has a very good advertising campaign where in they always focus on consumers and their satisfaction as their prime objective. Place:

The products are sold not only at retail store, huge super markets but also online. So the consumer can go and buy it from a huge network of places and make him satisfied with experience he gets out of it. Sony History: Sony is a Japanese company established in 1946. It launched the first magnetic “G-type” recorder in Japan in 1950, Japan’s first radio “TR-55” in 1955. Sony launched World’s first transistor TV “TV8-301” in 1960, Trinitron colour TV in 1968. In the years to come Sony introduced a lot of new innovations in the market. The most important product of Sony is Bravia the technology and the TV had live colour creation capabilities.

SONY India was established in 1994 and since then the Sony has touched lives of people in one way or the other with its exemplary brands. make. believe: It symbolizes the spirit of SONY. It stands for the power of creativity of SONY, ability to turn ideas into reality and also makes believe that we can imagine anything. The dot in between make and believe symbolizes SONY. The dot links imagination and reality, It’s the point of ignition for reality. Vision: Sony visions to be the leader of the electronics industry. Sony also envisions itself to be a socially responsible organization and focuses on saving the environment.

It has implemented a good CSR policy of E-waste management. Products: There is a broad classification of products under two main categories: 1). SONY BRAVIA TVs: There are a total of 10 series in this section. Bravia is built around a unique and superior technology to enhance the viewer’s satisfaction. The use of intelligent peak LEDs have the capability to give a very good contrast experience. The TV is FULL HD and has good resolution so that even low resolution videos appear good. It has web connectivity on the high end models. The series has TVs with sizes from 22” to 65”.

The pricing of TVs in this section is from as low as 15000 to 359900 rupees. There is a TV which will fir everyone’s pocket and have a mix of good features along with it. 2). Public Display Panel: The TV is designed for the purpose of public viewing. It has some very good and sleek functions. It has good sound and viewing quality. The viewing of this TV will never disappoint anyone. There are 2 variants in this series of two sizes 32” and 40”. The pricing of these two TVs is 89990 and 119990 rupees. The TVs are available in 2 colours Black and Grey. Promotions:

Sony has very wide and extensive advertising campaign. It has brand face for its products. SONY has an exclusive agreement with FIFA (source: http://www. sony. com. au/section/sponsorship). It is able to reach to the masses through the sport. Sony is ready to be with all those organizations that have similar mindset and similar technological worth as it enjoys. Place: The products are sold not only at retail store, huge super markets but also online. So the consumer can go and buy it from a huge network of places and make him satisfied with experience he gets out of it. Videocon.