To start off science is a thing that can give both life and death

Science enables humans to push back boundaries and explore places, which have never been explored for before, a good example of this is cloning. A more recent breakthrough, which can save countless, lives in both the short and long term. Although science has many advantages it also has many devastating disadvantages. The worst thing that science is likely to ever produce is the nuclear bomb. This is another so-called breakthrough, which allows nations to have the power to blow up the world, 7 times over.

In the years that people have been discovering new things to improve people’s life’s there are also people that choose to make the world we live in a more dangerous place. With inventions such as fighter planes and napalm it’s no surprise that people see science as a way of killing enemies easier or a way of causing more mayhem in a world that already has problems such as Global warming.

It can be argued that the lives lost through war and nuclear or biological weapons do not give science a bad name as more people have been cured or vaccinated of various diseases and illnesses such as measles, small pox and mumps. Without a doubt that medicine is the area that most people focus on when talking about science as it has changed peoples lives in the past, present and future.

Such things such as genetics can provide a genetically modified food that could wipe out world hunger in some third world places, this can be done by modifying the plant to grow in more harsh environments.

But this is not all that science has managed to accomplish in the last thousand years. Things like technology particularly in agriculture have completely re arranged the efficiency that every country now has in agriculture. Not only that but it has provided thousands if not millions of jobs world wide, but too much of a thing can cause it to lead to a bad thing.

Technology has caused in recent year’s unemployment particularly in many industries. As machines start to replace workers more and more people become unemployed, as machines need no lunch break or holiday it proves to be more efficient or even too efficient.

Inventions such as the Internet have caused more and more people to be anti social, the affect of this is a somewhat crushing one. As people slowly become more out of touch and become more a race of loaners there can be no light at the end of this tunnel unless some action is taken to prevent people from talking over the Internet and thus people will gain better social skills.

It can be argued that the Internet allows people unprecedented access to information – anything from sports scores to bus times, it also like transport provides jobs to thousands of people worldwide. Also any study of society will show that computer games appear to have taken the place previously held by recreational violence.

Although some aspects of science i.e. transport can cause up to one thousand deaths per year of people in their adolescence. Transport has made people get the chance to see the world quicker and in more depth. As well as doing this it like most of things invented by science provides jobs to millions of people and affects even more people.

To conclude science is something that drastically affects each and every single individual in the world, from any third world country, to a lower economically developed country, to a more economically developed country. Science is something that will always exist and has always existed, it can be argued that science like most thing has pros and cons but the thing that really matters is how they affect us and our offspring.

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