There are many different factors of why an individual ends up participating in criminal behavior. Today, we are discussing a person who comes from a “good” back ground and one that comes from a “poor” back ground. Neither poor back ground nor good back ground gives any person to involve themselves in criminal acts. This is just one part in the process of elimination when it comes to suspects. No individual should be implemented because of their background, yet it does help investigators know what kind of suspect they are dealing with.

An example of a “good” back ground individual is a child of a family who has no finical worries. This child is given everything they could ever want or need. They have the opportunity to have the best education, and be in any extra circular activity they could dream of. All the newest electronics, nice vacations and is never dressed poorly. We will call him the “golden boy”. The golden boy is only golden for so long. For some reason in this situation the golden boy likes to act out against his parents. It could be because he wants more from his parents and they have finally stopped giving.

It could be because of the pressure of always being the best. Yet the golden boy does what he wants. The golden boy I know of comes from a family that owns a very successful company and he never had any financial worries, he was a star football player and was always racing his dirt bikes and four wheelers with his friends. He had his own brand new truck when he was legal to drive. His parents treated him well, yet he seemed like he was empty. Not getting enough attention from his parents, he was always with friends.

One of his friends introduced him into drugs and since money was never a problem for him he became addicted. His parents bailed him out of jail various times. Not only was he involved with drugs but when he was high on these drugs he made bad decisions and this is why he would end up in jail. For example he got into an altercation with his best friend and beat him up. He also beat on his girlfriend many times and even stole her car and burnt it. These are just a few examples of what he did. His parents spent money on many of lawyers and rehabilitation centers.

They would even buy him a new vehicle every time he said he would change. To this day the golden boy still is involved in drugs and now his parents have nothing to do with him. This is my example of how a “good” family background does not always mean a good member of society. An example of a “poor” back ground individual is a person who just had it bad since birth. This child had hardships from the parents not caring, not being around. They never had nice things because the family could not afford them. They are lucky to have their own bed room in a home that was falling apart.

When a child endures this they become strong, they want to be better. They grow up young and prevail to succeed that way they don’t end up like their parents. This example I have a “poor” back ground individual that has no criminal back ground. We will call him “labor boy”. Labor boy tried his best at school, but with all the distractions at home was never very good at school. When he was old enough to work he did. He never knew if his mother who was an alcoholic would be able to take care of him yet provide for him.

His father was in the picture yet, he was a drug dealer. He never saw much of his father. Once he was in high school he got into a program with the state. He became an intern his senior year in high school with the state department. After high school he got a degree in welding. Since he had no distractions, and moved away from home he excelled. The Labor boy passed the test to get a CDL, and got a job with the state department after trade school. He is now married with 2 daughters and has a nice home to raise his children in and money is being saved.

He wants to make sure his children do not live the life he had too. These examples of a “good” family back ground with criminal behavior and a “poor” family back ground with no criminal behavior are not always true. These certain people have lived these lives. Yet others live the same kind of lives and have a different outcome. Our past does not always mean our future will be the same as those who have a past like ours. To know our past is to know how we react to any situation, so this information is always needed in any investigation.