The USA – the world leader?

I agree that the USA is the world leader in many branches, for instance, biochemical and genetic engineering, aerospace research and development, communications, computer and information services, and similar high-technology fields. The USA is also the world’s leading agricultural nation, which not only feeds her own people but many other people in the world as well. There are many reasons, which can explain why the USA has been able to become the leading industrial and agricultural resources.

Another very important reason is America’s vitality, its so-called spirit of enterprise and initiative. The rapid progress of American industry and agriculture is also the result of the constant willingness to experiment and to find new solutions to old problems. It should be mentioned that U. S. construction industry is a basis of steady economy, the place of employment of several million people, and one of the main instruments of preserving and increasing the money supply of the population, to prevent sharp falls in financial markets in the real sector of the economy.

More than 17 million new homes and apartments are built in the United States each year, more than half of them – one low-rise houses, two families. Two to five-storey buildings are very popular. Large complexes and single homes are built. Average construction period is from one to two years. To sum it up we can say “Yes, USA is the world leader now”. Its leadership is won through labour and perseverance of its citizens.

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