The Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc

The Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. has vowed to be a continuous provider of vehicles in today’s market. It prides itself with a significant number of car models that it has launched with specific features to address the needs of the different groups that demand for their product. It sees to it that it remains different from the rest of its competitors through the values that the company upholds for its operations, relations with the society, and diversity (“Our Values,” n. d. ).

Its competitors include big companies like General Motors, Ford, and others. The international competitors would essentially be the same because of the tendency for these players to play on the same field. With the onset of environmental pressures and demands from different civil society groups to cut on the cost of human activities to that of the environment, the company is leaning towards identifying ways through which a greener environment could be achieved (“Our Environmental Commitment,” n. d. ).

The company does this through the activities done in advocating and protecting for the environment and through continuous research and development for their products to be environment-friendly (“Our Environmental Commitment,” n. d. ). Likewise, there is a greater pressure from the civil society for the company to take part in the advocacies where it can to relive people from their difficulties. The strength of the company which influenced this decision is primarily the image that it has set for the public.

The reputation that it has built is on the production of vehicles that can be afforded by a greater number of people. It appeals to the masses because of the need for cars that has both economic value and utility. On the other hand, a weakness that could be discerned from it is with regard to the culture that is being deployed in the organization, which is from the Japanese culture (Bell, Prest, & Chong, n. d. ). This led the organization to formulate ways by which the growing degree of diversity is addressed throughout the organization.

To a certain extent, this is working because of the success that it has in employing individuals from different parts of the world. In lieu of these goals, the company vowed to commit their efforts to their different activities and consequently makes updates and reports with regard to the progress that has been made. In addition to this, continuous growth and expansion in the nonfinancial aspect is also within the aims of the company.


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