1. Peace hath her triumphs no less renounced than:

By the word triumph we by and large understand the winning of a conflict. We know the history of triumphs of great vanquishers like Alexander. Changiz Khan and Napoleon. But like heroes like Buddha. Ashoka and Akbor won greater glorification by conveying to mankind the approval of peace. We have seen the two annihilating universe wars. They crippled the universe economic system. maimed and killed 1000000s of people. Civilization is the slow accomplishment of workers in peace clip. Science and art. faith and doctrine or all developments are the creative activities of peace clip. These can be happened amidst in the peaceful atmosphere. Poets glorify war. creative person depicts them in their sketchs. and historiographers record them in the history. But nationalists and altruists restore peace and repose. Therefore peace should be reined on Earth for our ain endurance.

2. “Pen is mightier than sword”

Taken literally. the stating may seen to be contrary to common sense but the words ‘Pen’ and ‘Sword’ stand for ‘writer’ and ‘soldier’ severally. So it is clearly seen that a pen is stronger so a blade. That is a write is more powerful and efficient than a warrior. Our history speaks a volume sing Alecgender. Changis Khan. and Napoleon and so on. But the author likes Shaxphere. Voltaire. Rosseau. Rabindra Nath are much more immortal and inspirational to all to the all ages to comes. Any arm or any warrior can non keep peace and world. On the other manus an influential author can reconstruct or prolong integrating and harmoniousness among all as Gandhi Ji or Ashoka could. So we have seen that powerful arms are non constructive agencies as the Ramayana. The Mahabharata. the Bible or the Korana can make. The massages of these books inspired the era doing revolution. All these prove that a great author is more powerful than a great soldier.

3. “Brevity is the psyche of wit” .

Brevity means shortness of looks of non-material thoughts. The humor appears is short and sharp sentences. Wit is the living psyche of any manner of composing. A organic structure has no value with out its psyche. It indicates the original idea of talkers. By and large a drawn-out authorship does non bespeak the psyche of composing. It merely wastes documents and clip. It looses the aesthetic side of authorship. The original kernel of composing prevarications in the humor. Books are available in the bookshop or library. But all are non for lasting being. Merely some of them survive value of cognition and wisdom. But any cognoscente merely fails to understand it. But sincere readers will seek and hold on the interior significance of it. Therefore. psyche of humor in brevity with heightens the morality and introverted sides of readers.

4. “The kid is father of the man”

This line contains a deeper significance underlying this evident contradiction. It suggests that all the aptitudes of a hundred kid develop as he grows-up. As forenoon shows the twenty-four hours so besides childhood shows the adult male. If the twenty-four hours dawns with the clear sky and bright beams of the amount we can measure that the twenty-four hours on the whole will be just and cheery. On the contrary if the twenty-four hours breaks with stormy air current and rain we think that the twenty-four hours will non be just. This is besides applicable to the turning kid. All the potencies of the future work forces lie dormant in the kid. With the growing of the kid. all the finer sentiments in him and the latent virtuousnesss began to attest like a blooming rose.

For illustration. if a kid gives his ain staff of life to a hungry mendicant. he is likely to go a human-centered. societal worker in ulterior old ages. The kid who is in the wont of stating prevarications ; stealing other’s goods without any bar from making it. likely to turn into a confirmed stealer and a prevaricator. Children demoing particular bent for mathematics of music picture or art will of course turn into a great mathematician or a celebrated instrumentalist or a skilled painter of an high creative person. Tagore began to compose poetries at the age of seven merely. Wordsworth loved nature since his childhood. All these cogent evidence that kid is father of the adult male.