Why did it take the industrial revolution before the government intervened and made education compulsory? It took the industrial revolution before education was made compulsory because the revolution highlighted the issues of child labour and many different child labour protection acts were passed. These acts led to an alternative action of education for children instead and so the education act of 1870 was passed which gave education to all classes.

How were people educated prior to the industrial revolution. What tryes of schools existed? Before the industrial revolution children were educated only if thery were from wealthy middle class families who could afford to send their children to a free paying school.

What is the “Tripartite system” and why was it introduced? The Tripartite system was a meritocracy which is a system or society that rewards people for their skills or abilities. The system made education everyone’s right, therefore for the first time children of all classes went on to further education. They either went on to grammar schools that were for intellectual students or secondary modern schools that were for students destined for more practical labouring jobs.

What is the eleven plus exam?

The eleven plus exam was an IQ test given to all primary school children. The test was given one time on one day to determine if the child was to go onto a grammar school or a secondary modern school.

Identify two problems with the eleven plus exam.

One of the major problems with the eleven plus exam is that it didn’t asses the potential of the child, some children are late developers. Another problem is that the children’s futures was decided without them getting a say in what they wised to go on to do in life.

Why was the tripartite system replaced from 1965 onwards?

The downfall of the system was the introduction of a new grammar school exam, the o level. Rebel teachers in secondary moderns started entering their pupils in for these exams and the students did surprisingly well. This went against everything the segregation system of schools stood for and showed the eleven plus exam was not reliable.

What was it replaced with, in what way was this system supposed to be better? The tripartite system was replaced with the comprehensive system. This system was supposed to be better because it gave equal opportunities to all children by getting rid of the eleven plus exam and abolishing the selection of students.