The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Essay

Canada’s dedication to human rights makes Canada one of the best topographic points in the universe to populate. Canada provides freedom of pick for all citizens and Canada is known for the accent we put on equality. With both of these points in head. one must besides see the best and most outstanding portion of Canada’s dedication to human rights. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as an influential portion of Canada being such a great topographic point to populate. Some of the most of import point of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the state are Equality Rights. Fundamental Freedoms. and Legal Rights.

The Canadian citizens have tonss of right ; the Equality right is one of the of import rights. Canada is a state where many people treat their freedom of pick as a right and bury that many other people in the universe do non hold the option to do many of the picks we take for granted. As a Canadian. we respect each other ; everyone has the right to talk up and show their thoughts and sentiments. Even the authorities must let all of the Canadians with equal regard and self-respect. Canada is besides among the few states that do non coerce its citizens to fall in the military. As it can certainly be seen. Canada offers many picks for its citizens. Canada is non merely a land of picks. but moreover Canada is a land of turning equality.

It can non be said that everyone in Canada is treated wholly equal. because that would be a prevarication. but as the old ages progress the authorities is working towards equality. The rights of the Aborigines are besides protected in Canada under Canada’s Aboriginal Action Plan. Every person is equal before and under the jurisprudence and has the right of equal protection and equal benefit of the jurisprudence without favoritism and. in peculiar. without favoritism based on race. national or cultural beginning. coloring material. faith. sex. age or mental or physical disablement. Equality is written into our Torahs. This proves that Canada puts a great accent on handling all citizens every bit.

The Legal right is besides one of the of import rights. It includes the right to populate. autonomy and security of the individual. This Charter outlines the many rights of Canadians and warrants their enforcement. Every Canadian has the right to freedom of peaceable assembly and freedom of association. This is of import in any state because vouching a peaceable assembly guarantees a diplomatic authorities that regulations with a balanced manus. Freedom of association in our state goes manus in manus with our guaranteed freedom of scruples and faith. Freedom of association is a right to be a portion of a group or minority of your pick without being lectured in other countries of your life for being a portion of that group.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms besides outlines the legal rights that all Canadians are entitled to. Every Canadian has the right to populate. It makes no difference that you are what you’ve done. where you’ve semen from or what you believe. you have the right to populate. Every Canadian has the right non to be subjected to any cruel and unusual intervention or penalty. Canada. as a state. does non back up the decease punishment. As one can obviously see. it is written into the fundamental law that such penalties are non acceptable. Our protection and saving of human life written into our Torahs and do Canada a good state.

As a consequence of these rights. Equality Rights. Cardinal Freedoms. and Legal Rights. an single is now able to see that because of the freedom of pick Canada provides to its citizens. the importance Canada puts on equality of non merely the sexes. but every bit good all minorities. Canada is one of the best topographic points in the universe to populate. In a state as big and diverse as Canada. equality is really of import. It is so of import that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a portion of our Fundamental law.

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