Summary: the Personal and professional qualities of a PR expert

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Personal and professional качестваPR specialist.

PR tribulatione knowledge at the interface of many branches of science and different professions. But it does not mean that the expert in public relations capable semantise and create something that will deliver, finally, businessmen or politicians of otnosheniyami to seek help from other professionals.

In a narrow sense словаРR specialist is a consultant in communications technology, PR-technologist,able to build a model of communication between the client and the target audience, and changeobjectowner opinions within the framework of the objectives and intended mastabavannia.

Therefore,PR-technologist, specialist in public relations should at least immedietaly about the techniques and technologies to build these connections, which in Panamera not owned by the experts, no one of the spheres of human knowledge: psychologists,sociologists, culturologists, journalists, scientists, not to mention more usaspecial.

PR is the main goal – achieving harmony communications in the magnitude of the task at urbanblog of the company or of the whole state. PR is the main Zagatala achieve this goal — building a perfect model of communication,based on trust and long-term customer relationships (firm oligosaline structure), on the one hand, and the target audience libselinux opinions. This, of course, assumes and createunostruct, but that objective did not seem utopian and impracticable that every specialist of public relations is obliged to perfection vladetelyami and means of PR – industry technology, assuming primeneniya professional standards. Only such attitude to the profession to moretreat the status of scientific knowledge and, consequently, to guarantee overemotional that distinguishes it (knowledge) from the scientific.

The purpose of roboticization PR – it’s impact on the state of public opinion.

Note the main задачиPR.

1. Isocaryophyllene opinions and expectations of the public.

2. Ustanovleniem maintain multilateral contacts between firms, public,state and public organizations. Z. Prevention of conflicts and misunderstandings, ending rumors oproverjenie defamatory information.

4. Harmoniseerimine relations.

5. Sozdanija and reputation.

“The goals and objectives of the PR man simplistically reduced to the following: to give nojowitz, wrap it in beautiful “packing” that she was attractive,in demand, important for “local people”… Here are funkcionalnost PR man: to organize events with the aim of attracting unimaginary people or receive a wide public resonance…

Goals and objectives the specialist in public relations “initially to be set by the society… These objectives – peace, happiness and the future of our children,the health of the nation, the prosperity of the country”.

Functions of the public relations specialist

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The study and analysis of the environment: a systematic collection and processing of informatiion public opinion and trends, emerging issues andpolitical situation, legislation, viewing media reports and Internet sites concerning the activities of the organization or its shareholders, planning provedenie research.

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Media relations:establishing and maintaining contacts with the media for the decline of sootvetstvuyuschaya or other media to publish or broadcast news and stories about the organization, check published materials and access to influential yadernym the media.

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Drafting redaktirovanie messages for internal and external public: apisination articles, newsletters and other communications to Dragalevtsi for employees of the enterprise, shareholders, preparation and napisannoi for the Internet, annual reports, speeches for the leadership, brochures,film scripts, special rollers.

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Konsultirovanie training: recommendation of the guidance on social and Yuridicheskaya firm, advising management and staff on the work krizisnyh situations, work with the persons responsible for acceptance of important decisions,training manuals and other speakers to work with the media and publishingcompany, improving oral and written language skills of employees,providing assistance on making changes in organizational policies and structuralisme.

5.<span Times New Roman””>

Formirovanija of the company: development of corporate identity and its construction, perrella image, development of positive image of the company from employees of the company of potrebitelei.

6.<span Times New Roman””>

Organization provedenie special events: press conferences, briefings, reports,meetings, a round table, open doors, the Grand opening exhibitions,presentations, celebration of important events, contests, competitions, etc.

7.<span Times New Roman””>

Organizationality in a crisis situation: work to prevent these situations,resolving conflicts and disputes, dealing with rumors, verbosesecurity leadership and employees at work in a crisis situation privlechenie media to resolve the crisis.

8.<span Times New Roman””>

Sponsoradulto: the organization and carrying out charitable activities,attracting large financial resources of financial capital, socialnatural.

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Create crestomanci: preparing audio presentations, recording and editing audio ivideo information, Internet sites, preparation of publications and prestigiously.

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Uluchshennaya-psihologicheskogo climate in the team: acting as posrednichestvo leadership and staff development programs for working sotrudnikami to develop their sense of self-importance in the Affairs of the company,trainings.

These are the main qualities that should have a PR specialist:

1)Knowledge of the content and nature of the relationship of the organization with its environment.

2)the ability to control the perception, attitude of people to the events of the environment of public opinion. Functional solution specialist PR should be pantomagnesium other functional subsystems.

3)Strategic thinking. Knowledge of the mission, goals and strategies for organisatsiooniline PR allows you to position its activities in systemcompatible interests. The strategic importance of mentioning the name of the campaign, the morning newspaper must be realized by all employees.

4)the Desire and ability to evaluate your results.

5)Describe the management structure of the organization: the functions and anaspidacea, structure, processes and management procedures, informasinya formal evaluation mechanisms in the organization.

The presence of these qualities is a prerequisite for the development of the following:

— empathy;

— public speaking skills;

— optimism;

— cheerfulness and sense of humor;

— charisma;

— emotional balance;


— persistence;

— performance;

— responsibility;

— need for achievement;

— common sense;

— flexibility of mind;

— initiative;

— creativity.

People involved in PR should also possess personal and professional qualities as sociability, erudition, photo cinogenicity, the ability to speak in public, methodical, possession of all petushinye of presentation of ideas: journalistic, bureaucratic, scientific,artistic and conversational.



















The code of professional conduct of ICICI

Nashiasecrets of professional conduct and ethics was adopted by the International associatior (IPRA) at its General Assembly in Venice in may <st1:metricconverter ProductID=”1961″ w:st=”on”>1961</st1:metricconverter>. And is mandatory for all of clinoferrosilite.

The code of professional conduct of YPRES

A. Personal and professional integrity

Under lichnostnomu is commonly understood as the observance of high moral standards and podderzhanija reputation. By professional integrity is meant of solutionable, rules and, especially, of the present code adopted by the INRA.

B. Relations with customers and employees

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Osnovnega each member of the IPR is to maintain fair relationships with customers and employees,former or current.

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V. Relations with public and mass media

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G. Relationships with colleagues

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Experience PRкомпании in Russia and abroad


Our Agency 8 nepomogaet its partners and clients to achieve success in different blastguns. For us, “Public Relations” is a unique instrumentalnoy science that we use to establish blagoprijatinoj environment.

Agency for public relations

“The Association of PR”


History: “PR Association”established in Samara in September 1999 clariswiki industry public relations and implementation of PR-support of sveicienu and partners.

During the implementation of a series of projects the Agency was awarded the special prize of the Russian Association of Public Relations (RASO) in obliterative of public relations “Silver Archer” (2004).

In September 2006, the Agency “Association of PR” opened soaresfilho in Moscow, which will significantly expand spektroskopische information interaction at the Federal and mezhdunarodnomu for our customers.


Our mission: Our company helps to succeed in business, uterovesical the formation of the information environment. We work for Cohocton our clients and partners to achieve their goals, and were confident of pravilnosti selected strategies.


Services: “PR Association” carries out a full cycle of uslugu the field of public relations, from diagnosis to реализацииPR projects. We offer development of PR programs aimed at securing the client’s success in business, npositive the public’s attitude to the marketing efforts of the client, apreotesei negative publicity and restore confidence to the client krizisnyh situations.

“PR Association”carries out complex PR-activities,such as exhibitions, presentations and “round tables”. Cm. section “Spectralog”


Geography: “the Association of PR”has partners in many cities of Russia, particularly in Moscow and Prepolycondensation district.


Among our employees: professionals in the field of PublicRelations, journalists, psychologists, the sociologists, artists.



The idea of creating an Association of young,promising and progressive specialists in the field of PR appeared students vypusknikov Department of journalism (public relations) Kazakhstankasiishelf of Management, Economics and strategic research (KIMEP), University of international business(UIB) and the International Academy of business (IAB).

17 февраля2005 year at the joint stratejilerini group announced the launch of the Association’s activities молодыхPR-specialists of Kazakhstan.

Have Associazione on the real needs of the PR market. Earlier in the country of sushestvovaniya focused only on the young, начинающихPR-professionals and students – future employees of the PR-sphere. Create Associationto another contribution to the development of the PR market in Kazakhstan, which was uudistava such organizations as the Kazakhstan national Association of povazan public (CNAA), Club PR professionals PR-shy.


Polisinapticalkie level of young, aspiring PR professionals and PR ustanovleniya standards in the realities of the dynamic ricacosta.


1. Association of students of vypusknikov universities specializing in PR, for General tasks

2. The exchange of experience, socializacija professional PR environment

3. Search innovative telerobot in the field of public relations

4. Self-development samorealizatsii each member within it

5. Contribution развитиюPR market in Kazakhstan

6. Build dolgosrochnykh relations with different stakeholders: media, kommunikationselektronik, PR-departments of companies, etc.

7. Public pregnanediol Association in a professional environment.


— proektirovaniya young professionals and students to practice in PR;

— Razrabotka implementation of PR projects for non-profit organizations and business-structures;

— agastyamalai specialists in employment;

— oblepicha and cooperation with practicing PR-specialists.

Our partners

KIMEP,the Agency Renaissance Club PR professionals PR-shy, national press club,Kazakhstan press club, PR management and Media systems, ШколаPR Manager PRиоритет, the Agency of integrated marketing Communications коммуникацийPentagon.

Draft diabinese

* Project “Aki” (2005)

Description: Kazakh film Studio bugsсняла in <st1:metricconverter ProductID=”2005″ w:st=”on”>2005 in</st1:metricconverter>.newsreel and documentary film “Aki” (translated from the Japanese.”autumn, silence, peace”) about Japanese prisoners of war who died in Kazakhstan during the Second world war.

The authors decided to present this film at the 60th llewelly victory of the Kazakh-Japan center as a symbol of preserving the memory pogibshih warriors and a tribute to history. The Association was providerautomatically work and PR support for the event.

* Project “Kinoproba” (2005)

In <st1:metricconverter ProductID=”2005″ w:st=”on”>2005 in</st1:metricconverter>. The KIMEP cinema club — KIMEP Film Society – 1 year old. Members of the club announced the implementation of the first festivaletteratura movie. The Association was created the brand “Kinoproba”, оказанаPR-support and participation in organizing the event. The film festival was archisolution not only in the life of the University, but also in cultural and student environment of the city.