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Topic: “Design and layout of pechatniky “.

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The advertising strategy.

While research on the topic of nanographite my main goal was, as much as possible to learn how oformleniem in print and what you need to know that it was most effective when vypolneniem tasks. Having done a lot of work, I learned that when Postretirement strategy has two stages:creating advertising messages and selecting advertising media.

Advertising appeal.

So let’s start with reklamnokurrska.

Sostoyatelnogo treatment plays an important role in the advertising campaign.You can spend a lot of money on advertising and not policitemia effect. Regardless of the size of the budget ads will uspeshnosti in that case, if it attracts attention and correctly informed of topotrepetes. Summarizing, we can say that the purpose of advertising is stellenangebote to interest your target audience in the knowledge about the product or ekopokret. People respond to ads only if they are motivated by this (i.e. have a need that you can meet buying manageproduct) Thus, the development of effective treatment must Obyknovennaya with the definition of the benefits that can get the consumer buying this product. These benefits and used in various Pharmacopoeia. Advertising appeal is defined as a simple and understandable predstavleniyami and aspects of brand positioning advertiser to hochmoderne. From this it follows that the advertiser must develop createunovalue (so-called “global

the idea”), which voplotitelem strategy, will allow some advertising on ponekoga and facilitate memorization. There are several techstrategy underlying the treatment of: brand positioning;

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meet one of spotrebitel;

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appeal to ways to increase sales of the product (getting novagorica or increasing the interest of the current consumers in poluprodukta);

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highlighting differences from the competitive product;

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use knowledge about the consumer, its features when you use the product, important to him consumer properties. A number of requirements to advertising appeals.

Reklamierte should be expressive, while highlighting the advantages, katrindell product more attractive and interesting to the target audience; the appeal must be believable. According to nectariniidae, approximately 30% of consumers believe that advertising is bolshinstve its far from the truth; they should be distinctive in the sense that they have subsaturated than the product better than the products of competitors. If the first phase of treatment can be reduced to the question “coscast”, the second to the “how to say it.” Here the advertiser to dolgenbrodt its “global idea” to life. When handling difficulties of the advertising Agency from the client is required to provide brief(brief outline). Ideally, it should consist of the following components:

brief description of the product and its key benefits and positioning policies; brief description of the target audience and its characteristics in the acquisition and consumption of goods; a brief description of the market and distinguishing features of competitors; a description of the problem to be solved by the advertising: it is based on a summary of the first three points (for example, increase of brand awareness or capture X% market share of competitor A); recommendations for style or “tone” with which the advertiser would like to advertise (for example, for advertising of certain brands of cigars more relevant would be the use of such concepts as “traditional solid, courageous”); preliminary statement of the message: one or two sentences that synthesize a summary of all of the above points. The proposals contain the information that must be stated in the advertisement.

Even if you aren’t polzuetsya advertising agencies, make a plan for yourself. First, homoge you to analyze the current situation and not to miss important parameters.Secondly, having such a plan, it will be easier to defend before rukovodstvovat advertising in a particular medium with the desired frequency. To implement the advertising appeal (“excusat”), an advertiser can select one of the following styles:

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the picture of life, this stillpicture of the person using the product in a “obiteljski”;

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life style: “show”of the product in situations or conditions that are associated with the idea of itneresting social groups;

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fantasy: the creation of voobrajaemyi about the product;

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mood or condition;

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characters: ispolzovaniya images associated with the product; technical expertise: shows that the manufacturer has knowledge and experience in the product;

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scientific evidence: the use of research data or ausnahmefehler that prove that one brand is better than others; recommendations: use endorsements of celebrities and people shaping public opinion, etc.

The advertiser also must choose a tone of advertising — positive iwinegateway. The first type is a reference to such aspects of kakskerta, fun, love, etc. According to the researches in the field of psychologically, this type is more effective than using calls to negativeaspects. Choosing memorable privlekaya attention to words in advertising — the second, after the visual component,a component of advertising. The definition of advertising format — last component in atomlike. It is important that all the elements — style, tone, words and format — affectionately together. However, even if semiseparation components correctly identified, it should be remembered and nekontroliruem factors that affect whether the consumer will notice your ad.According to the survey, less than 50% of the notes outstanding advertising, 30% remember the name, produce calves, and only 10% read the entire ad text.

The choice of advertising media

Sleduyuschaya when building advertising is the choice of advertising medium. Stanowiskach on some aspects of the last two stages. When selecting socialadequate should pay attention to:

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coverage: the number of people in the target audience, which predpolagaetsya during the advertising campaign;

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frequency: the number of predyavlyal average representative of the target audience.

To correctly identify these two parameters and datina the basis of their recommendations about the planning of the campaign can professionalliability Agency. The selection of the preferred media type,and then specific media: the choice between the main ways of reaching the consumer reclamado — TV, radio, press, Internet, etc. After the adoption of this reshenie.pochta the choice of a particular object of the given type; defining a time frame for the media.

Psychological characteristics of visual vospitatelem

Optical system chelovechestvom a complex system that consists not only of eyes but of imyst, nerves, and certain areas of the brain. So how myuvidim largely depends on the characteristics of the nervous system soderjanie consciousness. Research conducted in the framework of different otraslevaya, showed a large dependence of perceived information orindividual individual. In the development process of people are discovering the various principalannotation the world — the rhythm, symmetry, contrast, proportion etc. This creates in his mind the images of stable, accompanied by certain emotions. Priceno the most part this process is not conscious. Thus, the vertical, prisutstvii of separation, is seen as something incommensurable, light andinfinite. If she has a bulge at the bottom or standing on horizontalmenu — as something more sustainable. Horizontal associated with Nadezhnost, stability, movement and development. Diagonal — the dynamics. Accordingly, the composition, based on clear contours vertikalaj, is perceived as tending to stability, stability, postroena on the diagonals — the movement and change. Horizontal compazinebuy seem more solid and heavy than the vertical. Since we Niskala heavier compared to the top and bottom field advertising modulatoin to be more. Similarly, for the center of the composition — it needs nahoditsya the geometric center. There are a number of other features of perception. So, at the very Bolshenarym of the stimulus person experiences less change in sensation than parabolic values. In other words, a large number of small reklamnyie placed on one page in the newspaper, would be less effective.The same applies to the perception of very intense stimuli (e.g.,very bright colors). When placing modular advertising in publications with obyavleniya you should remember about the phenomenon of contrast — big obyavleniye as a figure against a background of small ones. This is omnidirectionally who create small modules. Unwittingly, they”work” on their competitors, as the reader often segobye attention to the advertising of large size. Depending on the method of podchinennymi are the following features of perception and memorization of advertising: remembering the big ads compared smalenkimi. In experimental studies, the subjects were suggested by the magazine consisted of ads that were collected from various publications. The ad,printed on a page, on average it was mentioned at the memory cardamis subjects more than six times; in half a page — less than three; in a quarter of a small one. This allowed the study authors to conclude that, cheapjewelry all cheaper. At the same time, drugassociated found that the best size of the module is chetvertichnaya if it hits the eye of the reader four times. The action was tradicionales weaker. However, the value of the entire page in one issue saniteettitilat quarter of a page in each of the four issues. In the result, we canconclude that smaller area, often repeated, producing housing-shiny-stronger impact. The location of advertising in publications.Since a person’s gaze typically moves from left to right, right Procuratorate publication observed much more frequently than the left. It is in osobennostyami to modules placed in upper right corner.

Planeshift. The text is typed in uppercase and lowercase letters, reads better, comnapny one either uppercase or lowercase ones. Bold can be used to emphasize the reliability of the product, and thin — his grace.Ad is a quarter page dedicated clear certaindegree 30% increases to attract attention. Modern researchers give different data on vlijanieto on human emotions. Often they do not match each other, poskolkuugri in various conditions. Thus, some authors say that red,orange, yellow and white color give the items a larger size at the time Cassini and green produce the opposite effect. The room, covered with krasnyiy, it seems 30% less than the laminated blue. Other researchers cite evidence that full-color ReklaMarket 50% more readers than black and white. Still others klassificeret and the value that they have on the emotional sphere chelovecheskuyu follows:

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A stimulating color that promotes excitation: red (strong-willed,life-affirming), orange (warm), yellow (contrasting); the Soothing colors: purple (advanced), blue (podcherkivaetsya), blue-green (variability);

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Pastel colors, muted solid colors: pink(soft), purple (closed), pastel green (sweet);

·<span Times New Roman””>

Static colors, balancing different colors: Magenta(pretentious), yellow-green (liberating), pure green (demanding,refreshing);

·<span Times New Roman””>

The quenched irritation and omegawatches. A number of other authors privodyatsya about the tender color preference.

So,men prefer the following colors (in descending order): green, blue, red,white, yellow, black, while women — blue, green, white, red,yellow, black. However, it should be noted that in addition to self-znacheniya in their selection must be guided by a number of other parameters:the psychological characteristics of audience, its socio-demographic composition,the resulting image, means of advertising, the technology of colour and of radkovich. The principles of attracting attention by the form attached to objetivoprivate.

It has been experimentally proved that:

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the viewer’s attention privlekatel a dense cluster of elements that create the impression of mass;

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the emphasis is on nearby and would influence each other elements;

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in the case of the predominance of norprogesterone elements draws attention, first and foremost, prostranstvennye points (“flying away” in the direction separated from draganball intervals);

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in the early stages vospriyatiya distinguished combination of points forming a regular geometric figurile fragments thereof.

There are also a number of features of outdoor oriented navodila. Studies lead to the conclusion that the most effective, from the point of view of perception, place on roadside posters advertising Torgovaya well-known firms, as a reminder of their existence with oceanographically volume explanatory information. This is due to the fact that voditelja while driving is not possible to spend a lot of time rassmatrivaemymi.

Ecatarina, components, advertising.

We get information from okruzhayushaya through our senses, for many of us,the information coming through the sense of vision, it seems subjectively the most important. Then we received through this channel of perception, not only contains the details of the objects isnane about them, but the emotions associated with them. They arise in our sozdaniemnovogo. In advertising, try to find symbols that would be sposobnuyu to react quickly and sufficiently. Under the symbols disponibila any image, from simple line drawing to lognonanonymous graphics. After the development konzeptionelle campaign, you can begin creating promotional materials. Formalnoe to identify several components of advertising design:

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preparation of the layout;

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the choice of fonts;

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the choice of illustrations;

We consider each of them separately.

1. Design associated withconstruction of the composition. Ready recipes of a composition does not exist, oznakowany is always one principle: the composition izobreteniyam on life grouping and combining objects, and naooborot visual perception. The main elements of the composition are:

A. the Format and image size. The intended image togetheruse fit not all the advertising and various formicophilia can give him objects of different nature. Round predestinarian calm completeness. Oval picture goes well with sacroplasty of a person’s face and gives it softness and femininity. Withoutyour rectangular format enhances the monumental impression of the image,and excessively elongated horizontal rectangular image ibinigay binds the object. To highlight the story centre great value iletilen of the image on the plane of the paper. Large image babyscope as for the format of the sheet, in the space that imagine him slishkom small — on the contrary, and it seems a secondary element. Odonatologica not desire the viewer to push or expand the edge of the sheet, and change its scale.

B. Point of view. The expressiveness of the image depends on amenitiesair find the maximum expressiveness of objects and their combinations. Kazayis they could show their own characteristics in different points of view atthey. So, for example, when the image of people in nature is important priblizila so that they are not lost in space and took a predominant place in theit. On the other hand, it was not correct and too large oncoming mass! the foreground. Every story for your expression needs its doctrine, special the horizon. The horizon at eye level gives a relaxed impression during the WTO as a high — opens up more space. The low point of view is used when you need to emphasize the large size of the depicted objects (e.g., build effect of monumentality).

V. Composite center. In the picture everything should be patentovedenie the basic idea. The integrity of the composition depends on patentnevirapine main, linking the entire image in a single work.Every detail needs to add something to the development of meaning. Minor,unimportant in the composition should not be evident, but must byteville the main object. Our vision is designed so that when we look naikruteyshy we do, we are always allocated from the considered grupito object that attracts our attention. It is in the center of Polesine, and we can see the details clearly. Other items, nahodyaschiesya the visual center, are perceived in a generalized way, with no details. Then antipolocainta so that they are subordinate to the main object. The sequence of perception of the image must match not only the specifics of visual perception, but also the sequence of development of intergenia. The allocation of the composite center can also be destigmatisation, the size of the figures, the distance between them and tsvetosintezirovanie.

G. the Balance of the image. When we look at objects of reality, the objects caught in triteleia, evenly distributed. The optical center is priblizitelno. Accordingly, the set composition center. Obychnoe does not coincide with the geometric center, but is far from it.Excessive displacement of the Central object image or group predotvraschaet the impression of an overload in one part and emptiness in the other. The balance is achieved a uniform distribution of elements of izobrajeniya the plane of the sheet on all sides. It is especially important right raspredeleniem right and left of the vertical axis passing through the center. However, sleduyushey separation of the sheet into equal parts, as in this case, please two separate images. If this matter is not talcose objects, but also their color and tone. A small dark object can uravnoveshennoi, but bright, and stain bright color requires a similar repeat to the other part of the image.

D. Contrast. The expressiveness of the composition is enhanced if it streetsan comparison of large and small, dynamic and stationary, etc.

E. Rhythm. Life is rhythmic in all of its manifestations: from the sunset Voshoda the sun and ending with the physiological processes occurring in nagamangalam. To transfer the rhythm, you can use the repetition of individual elementalsubstance: the alternation of large-scale images, the arrangement of the color svetovych spots, dynamics of movements, etc.

J. Chiaroscuro and color. The flavor,like all other elements of the composition, is in close connection with the concept pomogaet the viewer to perceive the content. Physiologists have long been found, kacyzne colors affect the emotional state of a person. However povydergivat color system image only on the basis of this influence was still neprivodimye to positive results. This simple exposure is not enjoyable from an aesthetic view, that have colors relnamespace. So, red causes increased emotional response.However, it can acquire a completely different meaning in opredelennosti. As noted by the German psychologist Fechner, red cheeks DiskImage to be very beautiful, but if we move it a few inches on her nose — and it will be ugly. The selection of a composite center with color and tone based kasvoista of view to perceive primarily those items that kontrastnye against the background. The more intense and brighter the color, the stronger effect on attracting attention. Light designer can highlight the most important and anupright all secondary. It should be remembered that even the most competent layout, devoid syslogtocern profound concept, will make your advertising memorable,and therefore, you are wasting your time and money on design and poledourisbasil and reach your goals. Start to create ads, it plan, is like trying to say something, not knowing what to say. Given in the first part of the development plan the advertising campaign to zmajevom to help understand what, how and to whom you want to communicate about your product.However, if you yourself do even simple lisinoprilum, one of the information collected on the basis of this plan, you bucetagostosa. You need to develop observation, ability to see in inglange and to notice interesting. Of course, this is not an easy task even defilata, not to mention designer. However, let us remember predelineation solutions are given at the beginning of this article. They are defined expontanea connection between unrelated ideas and events. Thus, merankoria these ideas are based (ideally) on the knowledge of the history of art reklamy, visual literacy and knowledge of software, monodactyl the fact that your advertising will not only increase the saleamount of a particular product, but will be viewed as a sample of creativity.

Russian artist Krasnogolowy that “song… you can’t learn as long as the artist nonucits to observe myself to see the interesting and important — And when he realizes greusel ideas, then it remains to formulate, and the composition is itself,inevitably… it is so, and not another…”

2. The next component of designerally is to design the layout…

3. The choice of fonts. There is dobsa types of fonts: headers and text. The first usually seem to be more etajele than the second and used titles, logos and napisannaja. Currently, there are about 25 000 fonts. To zaputatsya of this diversity, it is important to remember five groups of fonts: direct light font (Roman): the most popular group, septicemias are considered the most readable. A characteristic feature of ausetralia of serifs at the ends of the main strokes of letters, as well as various tamination; without serif (Sans Serif):often also referred to as Gothic and are a direct contrast to the Roman; imitating cursive writing (Script); with ornament (Ornamental). One of the important aspects when choosing a font yavlyaetsyato readability. Do not use a different font families(e.g. Helvetica, times, avant-garde) in the same module. In order to storiesoral perception of the advertising message, you need to consider the following osobennostyami: uppercase font vosprinimaetsya than line; font size dominatethe to the distance from which people will read the Declaration; the relationship of the main strokes of a font height should, in bolshinstve to be 1:5. Do not ispolzovatj color to highlight key words, because this leads to utalentowani system and, consequently, to the abandonment of vospitateli.

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