Community is a set – up by which a number of families interact with each other. The habitats or the places of living are the same and there are many factors after which people are able to encounter good and bad experiences with their communication with each other. Conducting a research in a certain place may help its administrators to determine some strategies in order to serve them well or some ways that the mayor or the leader will do some activities for the town.

It is very important that the members of the research group together with the subject of the research or experiment are defined accurately. Usually, Psychology researches have the same procedures as the scientific method namely naming the problem, giving a good and sound hypothesis, experimentation, conclusion and recommendations if possible. The control samples here are usually called control group, since it is composed of human beings. Control group are those who will be the basis or the people who will act natural and will not be subjected to any abnormal conditions.

The validity and reliability of this experiment lie not only with the expertise of the experimenters but with the correct orientation of the subjects for the study. Perhaps, orientation of the rules and roles of each member should be discussed briefly before its duration. However, in psychology, there is a set up called double blind study: a method by which the participants of the research do not know whether they are treated as participants or not (even the research group can be included in the team).

It is only when all the necessary details have been collected when the moderator discloses the roles of each member. This is done to avoid or lessen the biases when people are assigned to certain tasks, making them act and think unnaturally for the sake of the experiment. Good experiments can be achieved by implementing a clear plan towards the conduct of the experiment hence people will not be confused making them cooperative and more willing to help the experimenter the next time he/she conducts an experiment.