Stress Reduction Program of a Company

Stress is has been a serious discusses amongst scientist who found it as a subjective sensation with various symptoms that is divers from each other. It can then said to be the breakdown in the transaction between a person and his environment which leads the person to a state of discrepancy, demanding more form the persons biological, psychological and social make up. The inability to meet this demand leads to the break down of the homeostasis through the psychological stimuli.

This has robbed off productivity from companies whose workers have suffered from stress and its related effects. for this resons, companies are spending to develop and apply differint technique to tackle this mance that affects workers productivtiy. Companies like General Electic have turned developed various programs for stress reduction such as long vacation, work leave and sometimes yoga lessons in the company.

GE as its famously know ranks high in business in America but today understands the negative impact of our environment of our emtions and our psycholoy which in turn reduces workers performance and efficiency in work. Stress causes anger, heart break even causes workers burn out in offices. In reducing the impact of stress on its workers, GE allows workers gone on leaves, which could be for days or a year. They also give off days to their wokers that is found performing below expectation.

This is to relax him/her and bring back to its best. Yoga is a practise that exercises the mind to bring it to a stable state for productivity. Wall street companies are now making use of this advantage to improve their wokers and incerase their performance. In conclusion, GE has ranked itself in stress management as well as other companies. Stress does not only affect companies, it affects marriages, students and sometimes evident in our daily lives.


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