Strategic Innovation: Back Bay Battery Essay Sample

In this online simulation, students play the role of a business unit manager at Back Bay Battery Company who must balance a

portfolio of R&D investment strategies (over 8 simulated years) across products in the portable power market.

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Other Online Simulations








Back Bay Battery

Strategic Innovation Simulation

Supply Chain: Root Beer Game

This version of the classic Beer Game is enhanced by powerful administrative features: instructors can run any number of configurations simultaneously in the same class; results are tracked in real time on the administrator screens and are immediately available in debriefready graphs at the end of the game.

by Clayton M. Christensen and Willy Shih


Competitive Strategy

Pricing: Universal Rental Car

Simulations re-create real-world settings to reinforce student learning. Flexible administrative options let professors set learning experiences for a range of course levels, from undergraduate to specialized graduate courses. Each simulation includes a detailed Facilitation Guide, a “how to play” video overview, and recommendations for class play and debrief.

This simulation teaches pricing principles in a dynamic setting, as students play the role of a regional marketing manager responsible for pricing a fleet of rental cars across cities in Florida. Ideal for undergraduate and MBA courses in Marketing, Strategy, Microeconomics, and Operations Management.

Operations Management


Managing Technology


The simulation can be taught alone or used as a complement to the Clay Christensen case, “Hewlett-Packard: The Flight of the Kittyhawk” (A) (#606088).

Finance: M&A in Wine Country

Leadership and Teams: Everest

Students play the role of CEO at one of three wine producers: Starshine, Bel Vino, or International Beverage. Each player evaluates merger and/or acquisition opportunities among the three companies and then determines reservation prices, values targets, and negotiates deal terms before deciding to accept or reject final offers. This simulation is ideal as a capstone experience in a first-year MBA Finance course and is also

appropriate for courses in Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation, Negotiation, General Management, and Strategy.

The dramatic setting of a Mount Everest summit expedition teaches group dynamics and leadership. Teammates must share information to maximize group achievement. This simulation is ideal for Organizational Behavior, Group Dynamics, and Leadership courses.



Included with all simulations:

This simulation re-creates the landmark acquisition of Celanese AG by the Blackstone Group in 2003. Students take on the role of either Celanese or Blackstone and conduct due diligence, establish deal terms, respond to bids and counterbids, and consider the interests of other stakeholders. This internationally based scenario uses euros as currency and is ideal for secondyear MBA courses in Private Equity, Valuation, Due Diligence, Deal Structuring, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

ƒƒDetailed Facilitator’s Guide covering learning objectives, administrative features, and setup options

ƒƒVideo assets

ƒƒDebrief-ready results in graphical form

ƒƒTeaching Note guidance for comprehensive debrief


Finance: Blackstone/Celanese

Strategic Innovation: Back Bay Battery is used in the

Harvard Business School course Building and Sustaining

a Successful Enterprise.

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