Why did Britain impose the Stamp Act and the Townshend acts on the colonists?
Britain needed money
Who was the one to first speak out against the Stamp Act?
Patrick Henry
What were some effects of the colonists’ protests of British taxes?
The Sons of Liberty were formed. Colonists boycotted British goods.
Who organized the Sons of Liberty?
Samuel Adams
What was the effect of British taxation on the colonists as a whole?
They started to unite as Americans.
What did the Daughters of Liberty do to support the boycott of British goods?
They made tea and wove cloth.
Describe the purpose of the Committees of Correspondence.
To share news among the colonies.
What caused the Intolerable Acts?
The Boston Tea Party
How did the Boston Tea Party express the views of many colonists?
It showed the colonists strongly protested the tea tax.
What was a Patriot?
Colonists who opposed British rule.
The Intolerable Acts consisted of what three punishments?
1. Boston harbor was closed to all ships except British ships.
2. The colonists had to feed and house soldiers.
3. British officials could not be tried in colonial courts so they had the freedom to do whatever they pleased to whomever they pleased.
Who offered to lead men in battle for the relief of Boston?
George Washington
Which Patriot warned of the British attack?
Paul Revere
Put the following events in sequential order: Battle of Concord, Battle of Lexington, British retreat to Boston, Paul Revere was captured.
1. Paul Revere was captured.
2. Battle of Lexington.
3. Battle of Concord.
4. British retreat to Boston.
What battle began with “the shot heard round the world”?
Battle of Lexington
Which brief battle forced the British to retreat to Boston?
Battle of Concord
Who led the colonists in the Battle of Bunker Hill?
William Prescott
Why was “No taxation without representation!” a meaningful slogan?
The colonists believed Britain had no right to tax them without allowing them to have representation in the government.
What was the purpose of the First Continental Congress?
To decide what actions to take against Britain.
What evidence is there that Paul Revere’s ride was successful?
The British were out-manned at Concord and suffered great losses.