Psychological studies depicts that a person may easily influence other’s behavior in order to achieve a particular mind set goal. For instance, I usually get influenced to the character of the persons I like the most and try to adopt the characteristics in my behavior to influence others. As per the social psychologist, Robert Bob Cialdini, there are five vital compliance tactics that is required to be induced by every compliance practitioners such as rule of reciprocation, uniformity and commitment, social proofing rule, liking rule and authority.

Description of the Major Compliance Tactics The rule of reciprocation portrays that every human being make an attempt to repay, whatever is offered by another person to make a flowing relationship and the rule is a proven beneficiary tactic to society’s well being. We would often wish to enhance uniformity in our behavior, talk, believes and actions. Whenever we are committed to a certain decision or relation, we need to show uniformity through out. The uniformity and commitment rule is effective and greatly valued in a society.

However, blind consistency may hold certain risk factors. Most of us, figure out the society’s view to determine the accuracy in a concept and therefore, we may follow the belief of majority of the society and this is termed as social proofing. We cannot say no to people whom we like the most. The features that stress on liking rule are physical attraction, similar characteristics and optimistic element or circumstances. You may witness that sturdy societal demands and forces put forward by an authority to obey some or other terms.

However, you need to ensure the authentication of the authority before blindly obeying. The authority also needs to possess appropriate knowledge and supremacy. Dealing With a Major Social Problem Social problems may be defined as a socially provoked situation that infringes the rules, regulations and the values of a society. Let us discuss here, a social problem that is increasing rapidly in most of the societies. Drug addiction is a major problem of concern regarding our society.

The persons engaged with drug addiction falls under the category reatreatism, who ingnores the social rules, goals and escape reality with the wide usage of drugs. Our primary concern is how to correct or decrease this major social issue. Let us see whether the compliace tactics described by Robert Cialdini works on this particular social problem. As a psychology scholar practitioner, I have found out that the problems can be corrected or decreased with the appropriate utilization of one or more tactics discussed above.

A drug addict needs proper care, love and commitment. A person whom the victim likes the most can influence him and may try to alleviate the problem by introducing the rule of reciprocity and uniformity and commitment. As an initial step the rule of liking is induced here. As a second step, he may offer small gifts in a consistent and committed manner. This may obviously change his behavior in a positive manner and try to revert back with gifts preferred by his liked person. The best gift he may offer is to be away from drugs and other social problems.