It was funded by Department of Youth on the 29th June 2010. When I started this project my aims was to make something that is unique in my place, I wanted to combine catering and decoration as I have registered at registration of companies, the project that I wanted to run was to hire tents with catering combined with a garden decorated for photos and video shooting. Unfortunately the finance that I got from the Department of Youth wasn’t enough for the project. In catering t be done during wedding, parties and funerals ceremonies because some customer they usually ask why is it not possible for me to cater for them with food also. And I will be catering for rallies, exhibitions, workshops and meetings because in my area when there are activities like workshops, rallies and exhibition they ask for catering of youth first. And in Kgalagadi north there is none existing business of youth for catering. I have also realise that in my area there is no resting place and where people can take photos and video shooting.

Then I came up with an idea for a plot for photos and video shooting and sometimes. And sometimes people need to celebrate their weddings outside their place that’s is why I came with an idea of making a plot decorated for photo and video shooting, this will be not only for photos and video shooting and it will be for the customer who want celebrate their weddings and parties outside their place. In may market research, their some customer who need a place for resting with their friends and families. As for now I have been operating tent hire only.

Since I have started this project I have realised that during festive season there is shortage of tents in areas because this festive I have more than four to five customers booking tent on the same date but I have only one tent. I have realise that I have to increase numbers of tents so as to cater for more events on the same date. According to income statement of my business from December 2010 up to December 2011 I have realize that the loss that I have is only for buying materials and transport as can see from attached documents.

When I started the business the project was having full equipped materials especially dress lining for draping and decorations. My plans was to start saving for the project after I had full equipped material in the tent and also to buy small gazebos and jumping castles as my customer usually need then they hire the tent. The business was operating by the following organization and management structures.

To promote rural development and stimulate the provision of other services in remote areas of the country and also to reduce rural urban migration. * To lead other youth by example and encourage them to venture in to sustainable and viable income generating projects. * Generate employment mainly in rural areas and improve our standard of living.

The managing director will be a decision maker, supervising the whole project to see if all work is done properly. The accountant will be doing records and booking keeping and also the employees payments. Secretary will be typing the projects minutes and hand – to – hand with the accountant. Cleaners will be cleaning storerooms, doing the laundry when there is a tender for tents hire, clean plates, glasses, cutlery, chafing dishes and bowls Tents pitchers will be washing tents before the events, also pitch tents during the events

Tents decorators will be preparing decorations, lining for draping according to the colours of events and decorate during events. Driver will be transporting equipment wherever the events are, acting as messenger e. g checking mails at the post office and also transporting employees for caterings. Grounds men will watering, cleaning, cultivating, cutting trees and lawns and the garden plot. Cookers will be cooking food for events and acting as cashiers e. g weddings, parties, funerals, workshops, rallies, exhibitions, individuals e. t. c