Sister golden hair was a song written by Gerry Beckley and was performed by the rock band,, American their album Hearts. This music was the music sensation of the 1972 and this made them famous and on the top hit list songs during the 1970s to the early 1980s. 

They were still in their teenage years and this great works made them the talk of the town for their other hit songs; A horse with no name and Ventura Highway. Getting the exact meaning to this song is quite challenging. Its different interpretations and meanings make it more confusing.

If the writer did not give the meaning, you will not understand the motive behind the song.

The sister golden hair song had different meanings from different interpretations. Due to the use of metaphors, it had a hidden meaning which was not easy to be cracked. However, from the extensive research, it meant a fight against a forbidden love. As the writer meant the song was about relationships and the entire band knew he wrote it for the sister, this love was that of an adopted sister who he had no idea was his own half sister.

His family’s conflict had brought forth the coincidences and when they were introduced to be family, it was so hurting. The sister had also grown feelings more than that of a brother and they had to move far from each other to forget what they had. The brother loved her and even though he knew she was his sister, she was in love with her and was willing to move in with her at the cost of not attending family meetings.

He knew the love was impossible on a Sunday but he knew he had to have her even though it was forbidden.  During the time they parted ways, h had always thought of her. Being so depressed on a Sunday and undressing him if he was strong enough.

He had decided to overcome everything painful and challenging that had happened during his time away and what would happen next. By the thought of not having her made his depression even more serious that he stated having suicidal thoughts if he did not own her.  He missed her company and would wish they had something more than friendship by meeting in the air or in the middle, of relationship, to show him he has the same feelings towards him.

As much as he knows they are related, he tries to avoid all family contact so that she may not see him as family and lose her. He is hoping to have her even more as his lust for her is beyond repair. He is however not ready for marriage but he can live with her as a friend. He keeps of thinking of sister golden hair and his surprise is he can’t live without her. He believes his eyes can tell how much he loves her and he is yearning for her. He had been poor with relationships and could not easily fall in love but he did and that clearly shows she had been on his mind.

Since the girl is not more interested in his love, he tries to persuade her to show a little concern that he could see she cares.  He needs love and could do anything for his love but what if she did not feel the same. She wanted to embrace her and cherish her company.

She had written songs and lyrics to make her understand what he really felt and how much time he had spent waiting for her to grow to adulthood to be able to make her decisions and rather choose to be with him when she is ready. All this time and the happenings of that period made him sad. He had not heard from her and was worried of what she would think of him.

Maybe she had forgotten about him and he would prefer being a friend than not. For his belief that a girl could be a friend of a man without other expectations was possible. And he would be happy if that still remained.

 As much as the writer of the song had a hidden meaning of the song, there are different ways to interpret it. It was all about love and relationships. Using the poetic license, they had come up with the best hit of that time. However, they did not give the direct meaning of the song; it was the number one hit for an entire week.  Some say if they only knew the reason then they will not play it for that long. However, listening to that song is a pretty good experience from the acoustic beats.