Should college athletes be paid?

7. Professional
An athlete who plays for pay
8. Revenue
The total amount of money made
9. Expenses
Things you pay money for– both needs and wants
10. Tuition
The money you pay for being taught at a school or college
11. Budget
A plan for making and spending money
12. NCAA
Organization created to make rules for college sports
13. Consent
Permission to do something
14. Income
Money from a job
15. Costly.
Paying college athletes salaries would be extremely costly and cause many financial problems for the NCAA and most colleges across the country.
16. It is a privilege and not a job
To be able to take part in college athletics is a huge privilege, not a career, and certainly should not be made into one by giving out salaries.
17. Intro
If student athletes start being paid, the whole outlook kids have on college sports will change forever and it will be looked at as a job, and not as it is supposed to be.
18. Title 9
Law of title 9— in the case of college athletics, the NCAA and schools across the country must comply with this law by offering equal opportunity to both male and female athletes across the nation.
19. Corrupts college sports
According to the Washington post college athletes should not be paid because it would cause a lot of corruption including bidding wars. The universities who have more money would be able to buy out better athletes for more money, and it would be completely unfair for the smaller colleges.
20. They are not exploited
To say that college athletes are exploited for their work is completely illegitimate. According to, college athletes receive many benefits from college sports.
21. To give college athletes salaries would be doing them a huge disservice
Why go through all this burden to help these students if it does no good for them at all? To pay these college athletes salaries would be very detrimental for their future. The core focus on these student athletes should be on their future and not about whether they are receiving there paycheck or not. According to money can cause a substantial amount of stress in people’s lives.
Even though college football and basketball makes 6 million a year it’s still a bad idea to pay college athletes cause the NCAA will lose tons of money
NCAA pays for the college athletes if they get hurt for them to get fixed up so the athletes get special benefits already
Student athletes earn free tuition so they get so many benefits already they don’t need to get paid.
The athletes are provided textbooks food and academic tutoring. They get to many benefits.
They athletes also get to miss a lot of school for games and practices and stuff
With how many hours athletes work a week they get a lot of special things that regular people don’t get
They work more than the average American
The NCAA requires them to miss classes for games
The NCAA claims that they are just students
The national college football championship requires students to miss the first classes in spring.
NCAA men’s basketball tournament requires students to miss 6 days of classes
Some schools require them to miss a hole quarter of classes
The NCAA produces 11 billion from college sports
Alabama produced more than 143.3 million in athletic revenues
Most of the money does not go to the classroom
The money stays in the hands of the college coaches and trainers
Last year a BCS coach earned 2.05 million
NCAA basketball coaches earn around 1 million
The highest paid public official is currently the head coach of a state football team
Nick saben from Alabama earned 7 million in one year
Success in college sports improved application rates
Nick saben is the highest paid NCAA coach
Colleges earn a lot of money off the sports at the colleges
Coaches are one of the highest paid people
If athletes keep missing their classes than they can’t get a degree
The students are to busy worrying about their sport
They can pay for food and drinks
They will do something stupid to get food
Colleges give most of their money to coaches.
It claims that compensating student-athletes would destroy competitive balance in college sports.
Section 1 of the Sherman antitrust Act says that paying college athletes is illegal.
Since when does getting the chance to play a game you love every single day constitute as a job?
The only reason those players are on the team is because the coach, on behalf of the university, offered them an opportunity to play football.
5. scholarship
Money awarded to a student to help pay for his or her education.
6. Amateur
A person who takes part in an activity for fun not as a job or for money

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