Well how did you do on the test, not too good right? I believe that children who are’nt hungry do better on tests and focus more in school. Studies show that when children eat breakfist they do better in school. That’s true, but kids tend to get hungry right after breakfist. I think vending machines would be a good idea to have in schools; having vending machines would allow kids not to starve which willl cause children to focus in school.

Well what about more trash on campus or too much children eating in class you wonder. Those issues can be easily resolved by putting more trash cans where children walk to their classes and also by the vending machine. I think the reason children don’t focus in class when they’re hungry is because they focus more on eating at lunch time instead of working on their classwork. If vending machines were at school, kids won’t have to wait until lunch to buy food. Therefore kids won’t be hungry during class, and they will focus more in school.

You might think that kids will eat too much before lunch, but that’s why I suggest we put a limit of how much you can buy. How can we do this you might ask? It’s simple; by using children’s school ID’s to buy snacks would only lets them buy snacks three times a day. One of the most common issue is what will be in the vending machines. Most concerned parents are worried that schools would put a lot of unhealthy snacks such as cheetos, lays, chocolate, etc. Schools might put these things in the vending machines because it tastes good, and kids will buy them.

I admit that it is true the majority of kids don’t want to buy nutritious food because it doesn’t taste good, but there are some other nutritous food like granola bars, fruit snacks, and many more. Parents will always try to think of new problems that concerns vending machines at school. I admit some problems the school might not be able to fix, but what matters most is it does more good than bad. I believe children that aren’t hungry do better on tests and focus more in school.