Romeo and Juliet, a story about true love between two young people. Not quite. It is a story-that is true but a story about true love-not exactly and if you though that Romeo and Juliet only had feelings for each other-you couldn’t be more wrong.

It was Friday night and Romeo and Mercutio were on their way to the Capulet’s party. “O, I hope Rosaline is there tonight, I have not seen her for ages.”

“Romeo, you only saw her yesterday.”

“Well to me, a day without seeing Rosaline feels like a year.”

“O Romeo, just face it. She doesn’t want to be with you. Anyway, you would never pull her wearing a costume like that!”

At 10 o’clock, Romeo and Mercutio arrived at the party.

“Where’s Rosaline? I really want to see her tonight.”

“Look Romeo, you stay here and have a drink, in fact maybe you shouldn’t have a drink. Just stay here and I will go and see if I can find Rosaline for you.”

“Ok, but don’t be to long, it is really important that I see her.”

“Oh Romeo, you aren’t going to propose to her again are you? You know what happened last time and you don’t want to end up looking like you were hit by a buss again, do you? I mean her father wasn’t exactly happy about it.”

“He might be happy about it this time. Anyway I only had a broken rib, fractured are, a black eye and a few cuts and bruises and they didn’t take that long to heal.”

“Well I tried to warn you but if you want to end up in hospital then fine. I’ll go and find her for you. Just wait her.”

Romeo sat down at on one of the tables, picked up one of the shiny, silver spoons from the golden table cloth, looked at his reflection and said to himself, “Mercutio was right, I do look stupid in this outfit.” As Romeo sat at the table, he glanced over towards the staircase which was covered in brightly coloured paper and shiny balloons but it was not the decorations which caught his eye. It was the beautiful Juliet walking down the stairs in her long white dress.

“Oh my God, she is so beautiful who is she? She is like an angel.”

“That’s Juliet Capulet and believe me she is no angel, that’s just her costume. By the way. My name is Paris.”

“I am Romeo Montague. So how do you know Juliet?”

“We were engaged for a year. I fell in love with her the moment that I saw her, but during that whole year that we were together she made my life a living hell.”


“Well for a start she spent almost all of my money on clothes, shoes, a new house and a whit gold diamond engagement ring and that was before I had even proposed to her, then she ended up setting fire to the house and by the time the fire brigade got there half of the house was ruined and she had left the ring inside the house. Plus after I got the house redecorated and replaced the ring she slept with our chef, had an affair with the cleaner’s husband and ended up running off with the postman. But anyway, I am over that now.”

“Is what you have just said about Juliet true?”

“Look, just be careful. Don’t end up being a fool like I was.”

“But she doesn’t look like the type of person who would be like that at all.”

“Well, looks can be very deceiving.”

After all Paris had said, Romeo did not really believe him and thought that he was just trying to keep him away from Juliet because he still loved he. The problem was that Romeo loved her to.

“I must go and mind Mercutio and tell him that I no longer want to be with Rosaline and that I think I am in love with someone else.”

Romeo went looking for Mercutio to tell him the news and when he found him, he could she that he had found Rosaline but it did not look like he had any intention of bringing her to him.

“Err, Romeo. I was just about to…”

“Look just shut up. I should have know u fancied her you are were always saying that she would never go for someone like me and would be more likely to go for someone like you. Well it seems like you were right, but it doesn’t really matter anymore because I am in love with someone else.”

“Who is it this time?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“Because I am your friend, and if you don’t tell me, then I’ll find out from someone else!”

“You are not my friend. You didn’t know that I no longer loved Rosaline, therefore you must have still have thought that I loved her. Yet you kissed her behind my back, literally.”

“Look I’m sorry, but I liked her too and I can’t help being so good looking, I mean when the women are falling at my feet, what would you expect me to do?”

“Why was I ever friends with you?”

“Rome, I really am sorry. We have being friends for ages and I don’t want to jeopardise our friendship, I swear I will never do anything like this again.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yes. Now who is this girl who you now love so much or is it a man, because you know I will be fine with it whoever it is, male or female. I mean you have always being a bit on the feminine side so I wouldn’t really be too surprised if it was a man.”

“Mercutio, it is Juliet Capulet who I love.”

“Julian Capulet!”

“No! Juliet Capulet.”

“Oh, Juliet, I knew it would be a girl. I was only joking about you being feminine you know. Hold on a minute though, Capulet, Juliet Capulet. Isn’t she the daughter of lord and lady Capulet?”

“She must be.”

“But you can’t go out with her. You know that you family doesn’t get on with hers.”

“Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that. But I like her so much. My family cannot stop me from seeing her!”

“Have you even spoke to the girl yet and told her how you feel?”

“No, not yet. But I will as soon as I see her.”

“Oh God. Why do you always go for the wrong girls?”

“Look Mercutio, I can’t help the way I feel. Anyway, I’m tired, so I am going to go home, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Romeo was walking through the hallway to leave the party when all of a sudden he bumped into someone. He looked up to say sorry but then realised who was standing infront of him.”



“How do you know my name?”

“I was speaking to Paris and asked if he knew who you were. He said he spoke to you earlier on and that you were Romeo Montague. I know that that my family don’t get on with yours, but I would like to get to know you.”

“I would love that too.”

Romeo and Juliet planned to see each other the next day, and the day after, and the day after and they quickly fell in love. They loved each other so much that they decided to get married. They told their families that if they would not accept the fact that they loved each other and wanted to marry each other, they would no longer speak to them. They didn’t want to loose people who were so important to them so they decided to be civil and to try to get on. Romeo and Juliet hired the most beautiful church and asked Friar Lawrence a close family friend to both Romeo and Juliet, to carry out the service, it was suppose to be the most perfect day for both of them but it did not go to plan. Romeo and Juliet along with everyone else were at the church and the service was about to begin when all of a sudden Paris, Mercutio and Rosaline came busting through the doors.

“Romeo, you can’t marry Juliet.”

“Why not Mercutio?”

“Because I love you.”

“Oh my God. You must be joking.”

“You have to marry me Romeo. I realised last night that I love you and I shouldn’t have kissed Mercutio.”

“And Juliet you can’t marry Romeo because despite everything you put me through, I still love you. Anyway Romeo does not love you, he has been cheating on you with your Nurse.”

“Romeo, tell me it is not true. She is so old. She has grey hair and wrinkly yellow skin. What could you possibly see in her?”

“It is not true. I have never cheated on you. And believe me if I ever did, she would be the last person on earth who I would cheat on you with. I wouldn’t touch her with a large pole.”

The Nurse ran out of the church, sobbing loudly into a handkerchief.

“Even if he had cheated on you, he wouldn’t have been the only on, go on Juliet, tell him about you and Friar Lawrence.”

“What are you talking about Mercutio? He is lying isn’t he Juliet?”

“Do you even have to ask that question? You know that I would never cheat on you. I love you too much to do something like that.”

Friar Lawrence left the service to console the nurse while Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Paris and Rosaline sorted things out. And despite that day being full of trouble, you’ll be happy to know that everything worked out fine, or at least for the best. Romeo and Juliet re-scheduled their wedding and got married a month later. They now have five children called Monty, Julie, Rose, Milan and little Mercutio. Romeo and Juliet settled their differences with Paris, Mercutio and Rosaline and they are all now best friends. Paris married a close friend of his who reminded him of Juliet- they are still happily married, Mercutio and Rosaline are single, they both hope to meet someone as good as Romeo in the future. Friar Lawrence and Juliet’s Nurse ran away to Spain and are planning to marry very soon. They still keep in touch with Romeo and Juliet and everyone else.