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In the ambit of pricing, marketers need to know that customers should be able to identify the total price in the advertisement just as easily as prices for all the other aspects; that if you display or advertise in a catalogue the same good with more than one price, you must sell the good for the lowest displayed (or advertised) price or withdraw the goods from sale until the price is corrected; that if you decide to impose a credit card fee, you must ensure your customers are aware; that is illegal for competing businesses to get together and agree to fix their prices; that is illegal for suppliers to attempt to set a minimum price for their products or services that retailers can’t sell below; and that while selling goods at a below-cost price is usually okay, it may be illegal if it is done for the purpose of eliminating or substantially damaging a competitor. 3.

Conclusion On a deep analysis of this Market Research Report we can notice that there are many environmental forces actuating on the marketing of which business, and there are ways to take maximum effort of those forces. We can also notice that each company has its statements and goals, and a market positioning that will take the maximum advantage of the environmental issues. By analyzing the location, number and quality of the competitors and the environmental issues it is possible to make ideas of new approaches that a business can take to get more clients and develop the industry, so the company can attain its goal and satisfy its statement.