This is a really hard pick. but the universe and humanity as we know it depends upon it. In my last hours. I have to do rational determinations. though some may non hold with whom I have chosen to transport on humanity. The first individual I choose is Cindy Smith. She is 16 old ages old and since she will be in the tubing for seven old ages. she will be an grownup when she gets out. She may be diabetic. but it is non familial and if she eats decently. it should non impact her ability to last. Next. I choose Adelle Purity. She is a one month old. but she will be seven when she gets away.

She will non take up much nutrient for the first twosome of old ages and should be able to copulate with any kids that may be produced in the hereafter. This will besides give more assortment to the cistron pool. Wanda Good is my following pick. She is a female head-shrinker. which means she is besides medically trained. She may be unsighted. but she is physician. She besides can gestate and blindness is non familial. Following. I choose Dr. Amoc. He and Dr. Good are around the same age and may be able to reproduce. Besides. he is catatonic and may non take up much nutrient. Dr. Good may be able to wheedle him out of this province.

Possibly the sound of babe Adelle’s coos may remind him of one of his kids and convey him back to world. He is medically trained every bit good and will be helpful for the endurance of the human race. I personally believe he is in daze and it will have on off in several months. Joe Nemesis is my following pick. He is 19 and a good mate for Cindy. He has no evident issues and being immature and healthy. he can likely beget a kid. Last but non least. I choose Jake Spade. Yes. he has been convicted of snatch. colza and assault. but he is a professional huntsman.

In seven old ages. if no other humanity is out at that place. person will hold to cognize the rudimentss of lasting. He will be an plus to these people and a possible mate for Dr. Good. Since she is a trained head-shrinker. possibly she may acquire to the root of his jobs and figure out the grounds for his condemnable behaviour. The others do non look like feasible campaigners to me. For case. Tommy Manly killed his married woman. He was an out-of-door salesman. We do cognize that he can reproduce. but he is unstable. Ricky Slive is a definite no. Teaching others to believe in Satan and all that he stands for will merely bring more mayhem and mayhem.

We are seeking to reconstruct humanity. non eliminate it. The same goes for Phi Data. He is reasonably much under a similar doctrine to Ricky and has no known endurance accomplishments. Dusky Ruth is barren so she can non assist refill the Earth. Sister Mary Catherine is a nun. so she will non hold kids. Besides. she is non at a good age to reproduce anyhow. Disco lotto is 56. which makes him excessively old. Besides. there will non be any music for him to listen to. Who knows how he will react to that! Armando Pepper is 43. He is a maestro chef. but I am certain these people can fix a repast. It does non count that he is cheery.

He may still be willing to reproduce. but he is excessively old. Since Sasha Winky’s gender is in inquiry. it makes it hard to cognize if he/she is capable of reproduction. A transsexual can non reproduce and it would be a otiose opportunity to take on this individual. Zeke Allen is excessively old. He is 64. so he is non a good campaigner. I am non certain if his faith allows him to get married and since I have but a few hours of endurance myself. I do non hold the clip to research this. Marilyn Manson would be great amusement for Disco Beano. but since I do non cognize his age. there will BEANO infinite for him.

He has no accomplishments that persuade me to take him over anyone else. Rock Stone is excessively stoned to be a feasible campaigner. Even if it were non for the HIV. he is a drug nut and who knows how he will react. Besides. this may be a manner to eliminate the unwellness. if he is the last living individual with it. Neila Borg appears to be enduring from paranoid schizophrenic disorder and would hold to be medicated to work decently. She is excessively unstable to see and a jeopardy because at any given clip. she can believe that person is out to acquire and assail her.

Nick Chance has Down’s syndrome. He may non be able to accept to sexual contact and that is necessary to go on humanity. Given that we do non cognize much about the history of Adelle and Joe. they are wild cards. We have no thought on what they may lend or take away from humanity. but that is non known no affair who we choose. The people that I chose were more so. on a degree of accomplishment. Survival goes to the fittest. Who is fit to last? Most surely non a stone star. who is used to being waited on manus and pes.

I besides must factor in the possibility of reproduction taking topographic point before the seven old ages is up. which is why I choose the catatonic physician. At the present. he takes up less nutrient and so does the babe. which leaves more nutrient merely in instance it is needed. I extremely doubt that Mr. Spade would desire to be isolated from the merely know civilisation and since he seems to be of sound head. I can merely trust that he will be able to command himself for the furthering of world. I am acquiring really weak now from the radiation. I do hold to take age into history because legerity will be necessary to construct things. such as places or shelters.

I have thought about non holding any spiritual leaders available. However. most people have a religion and possibly they may be able to transport on what they know to their kids. I hope that these people will happen other people as good. I pray that Dr. Amoc becomes functional once more. Possibly in these seven old ages. Dr. Good can learn Joe about Medicine and possibly he can go a physician. He may besides larn to run from Mr. Spade. He and Dr. Good may besides hold a kid. Well. merely God knows how everything will turn out with the picks I have made. I pray that you find them acceptable.