Quiz 12- SPCH

For an outline, which one of the following is unnecessary?
speaker’s notes
Using notes in a speech
shows preparedness and respect for the audience
For your speaking notes on a piece of paper or note card, you should
write on one side only
When no time limit is set for a speech, the speaker should talk
A disadvantage of using a full sheet of paper for speaking notes is
a sheet can cause a speaker’s eyes to glide over key points
A speech should have _____________________ the complete-sentence outline.
more words than
An outline helps you to see the relationship between
Concerning a complete-sentence outline and the speech itself, which one of the following statements is true?
The speech itself should have more words than the outline
T/F According to the text, the body of a speech should have its own numbering sequence in the outline, independent of the introduction and conclusion.
An outline should include

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