Dot matrix
Which of the following printers requires manual alignment?
A print server
A user has a parallel printer and wants to share it on the company network. Which of the following devices would the user need?
A technician is installing a new laser printer on a workstation that has Windows 7 Professional x86 installed. Which type of printer driver is needed to complete the installation?
A technician wants to install a printer to use port LPT1, but the computer does not currently have such a port. Which of the following expansion cards should the technician install and configure to create an LPT1 port?
Perform printer head cleaning
A user with an inkjet printer states that all their color printouts are missing red ink. The inkjet printer has a cartridge for each of the CMYK colors, and the user recently replaced the magenta cartridge. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?
Replace the ribbon
A technician notices an impact printer has run out of ink. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?
Pickup rollers
A technician has recently purchased a maintenance kit to be installed in a laser printer. Which of the following will be included in the maintenance kit?
It takes off any residual toner left after development
Which of the following is the MAIN purpose of cleaning the printer during the imaging process?
Printer PC is off network
A workgroup of five PCs uses a shared printer. A customer says they cannot print to the printer but can access shares on another PC used for common files. The printer appears to be powered on. Which of the following would be the MOST likely cause of the issue?
Drivers designed for a different OS.
A technician is trying to install a printer driver from a manufacturer’s website, but is getting an incompatibility error. This can be caused by:
Which of the following printer types needs to have toner replaced as part of the normal maintenance cycle?
Page count
Which of the following is MOST likely to be reset during a standard printer maintenance?
Which of the following printers is required when carbon paper is used?
Calibrate the printer
A user discovers that color laser prints are printing slightly off-color. Which of the following should help restore the appropriate colors?
Which of the following printer types uses an imaging drum as part of the printing process?
Connect the printer to a computer within the workgroup and share it from that computer
A technician has been asked to configure a printer to be shared amongst the users in a small workgroup. Each computer in the workgroup utilizes an existing wireless router for network connectivity. The printer to be configured only connects via USB. Which of the following should be implemented to share the printer so that implementation costs are kept to a minimum?
Configure a static IP for the printer.
Joe, a technician, is installing a wireless inkjet printer into a small office. He wants to minimize long term issues connecting to the printer from any workstation and ensure easy access to its configuration page. Which of the following steps would ensure this?
Device pairing
A Bluetooth printer has been installed. Which of the following MUST be performed to allow users to print from a mobile device?
Replace the print head
A multi-form impact printer is having print smearing issues and jams frequently. Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to fix both issues?
Notify all users before unplugging the printer.
Which of the following is the FIRST step a technician should take to replace a network printer?
Fuser assembly
In a laser printer, which of the following components uses heat to apply the toner onto the page?
Which of the following describes the process laser printers use to secure toner to paper?
Calibrate the printer
A customer states their inkjet printer is not printing as clearly as it once did. The technician should FIRST perform which of the following functions to rectify this?
Which of the following is MOST likely needed when installing a new POS thermal printer?
A technician is diagnosing a laser printer that is consistently having issues picking up paper from the first tray. Which of the following items would the technician replace FIRST?

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