Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mind. I am interested in this career because of various reasons. Since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed helping others, especially those who have disabilities or those who have little. Throughout the past five years, I have been able to get involved within different organizations and groups to provide those who need aid with supplies, donations, and most importantly of all… with affection and love. During my educational years (starting from seventh grade), I have been involved with community service groups.

There are many people in this world that do not appreciate what they have or who they are. Because of this, I have developed a skill on learning how to put myself into other people’s shoes to try to identify myself with them. I like listening to people speak about their problems and usually, I like to analyze them and try to comprehend why they think in a certain way. Also, I try to understand what exactly is the problem that the person is facing so that solutions can be found to help improve their lifestyle or their current situation. After majoring in this field, I expect to use my skills to help others as much as I can.

I am patient and with this ability I am able to listen to people for hours. I expect to make this world a better place with happier people. Those who turn to psychologists, obviously, are those who need to find someone whom they can relate to and therefore, create a rapport and speak to them about their internal and personal problems. Money of course is an issue that I should be deeply concerned about, but this matter does not alarm me the most right now. With this major, I want to be able to improve people’s perspectives about this world, therefore, allowing them to be thankful for what they have right before their own eyes.

In order for me to be filled in with adequate and abundant amount of information on psychology, I will use resources such as magazines, textbooks, books, pamphlets, encyclopedias, websites, as well as an experienced person on this field (for instance, our school psychologist). To start off with, I will learn more about this field and see if I really want to focus my career on psychology. Lots of reading will be required in order for me to gather plentiful amount of information. I will research about the job, the wages, the tasks involved, and other criteria that will be necessary for me to have a successful future.

In my opinion, turning to other people who have experience with this field is a very helpful guide. It is useful to speak to someone who has gone through what you will later be going through. ‘Psychology’ literally means the ‘study of the mind. ‘ Psychologists are individuals who dispense advice, analyze personality, and help those who are troubled or mentally ill. Nonetheless, they also strive to understand the mysteries of human nature. For instance, why people feel, think, or act the way they do. Psychologists teach, encourage, conduct research, or manage programs in a quest to understand people.

They examine and analyze individual or group behavior through the process of testing, experimenting, and studying personal histories. The founder of experimental psychology is called Wilhelm Wundt and he held both a M. D, and a Ph. D. He was a physician who taught at the University of Leipzig and his title was Professor of Philosophy. In 1879, Dr. Wundt set up an investigational laboratory to conduct research upon human behavior. Many people who later became well known U. S. psychologists received their training under this famous doctor. One of the most famous pioneers in psychology was Dr.

Sigmund Freud, whose work led to many of the modern theories of behavior. His work, on the meaning of dreams, the unconscious, and the nature of various emotional disturbances, has had a profound effect upon the profession and practice of psychology for more than six decades, even though the majority of the psychologists now disagree with some of his theories. Other Americans have also contributed greatly to the science that seeks the understanding of human behavior. Such people include, Robert Woodworth, E. L. Thorndike, William James, Clark Hull, and B. F. Skinner.

Psychologists usually hold doctorates in psychology and they are not allowed to prescribe medication to their patients. Psychology is both a science and a profession. In science, it is a systematic approach to the understanding of people and their behavior and as a profession, it is the application of that understanding to help solve human problems. Nowadays, psychology is a rapidly growing field and no one single person can become an expert in all its phases. A psychologist usually concentrates on one area of expertise. Many teach some area of basic psychology in colleges or in universities.