Psychology Chapter 1&2

sir francis galton contributed to the development of the
personality test
abraham maslow and carl rogers are associated with
humanistic pyschology
Psychologists who use psychological principles to solve immediate problems are practicing
applied science
participants in an experiment who are exposed to the independent variable make up what group?
the most commonly used measure of central tendency is the
when neither the participants nor the experimenter knows which group of participants is the experimental one is known as a
double blind study
in _____ studies psychologists study the same group of participants at regular intervals over a period of years
the variable that experimenters manipulate is called the ______ variable
a measure of the degree of relatedness between two variables is
the cardinal rule of naturalistic observation is to
avoid disturbing the participants
when researchers unwittingly bring bout the situation they expected to find, they have created a _______
self-fulfilling prophecy
which of the following uses rectangles to show frequency distribution
frequency polygon
on a normal curve, the center of the range of scores is represented by the
the total group from which a sample is drawn
arranging data so you know how often a score occurs
frequency distribution
graph that demonstrates the direction of the relationship between two variables
provides an equal chance of being represented in a study
random sample
the relationship between two sets of variables or data
representative of various subgroups of the population
stratified sample
a statistic that describes the direction and strength of the relationship between two sets of variables or data
correlation coefficient
a symmetrical belll shaped curve
normal curve
the listing and summarizing of data in a practical way
descriptive statistics
method of collecting data through interviews and questioniars
a measure of variability that describes the average distance of every score from the mean of scores
a group of participants to whom and independent variable is applied
The vast majority of psychologists study
everyday behaviors and feelings
The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake is called
basic science
a complex explanation based on findings from many studies is a
the concept of “unconscious determinants of behavior” is associated with
sigmund fraud
a hypothesis is
-educated guess
-scientifically tested
-part of the scientific method
the first modern pyshcologist was
wilhelm wundt

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