Psych ch. 4

which emotion is apparent at birth
distress; contentment
usually, stranger wariness is first noticeable at
12 months
based on research, attachment is when a child
has an affectional tie
a sign of secure attachment is when a child feels
comfortable and confident
harry’s mother left for a few minutes. When she came back harry climbed into her lap and resumed playing. harry is probably a ________ attachment child
Infants with depressed mothers are ________ staying with their mothers than being sent to other caregivers.
still better off
______ & ______ attachment behaviors have been crucial to the survival of the species.
Recent research has indicated that once an infant has become securely attached to an adult:
it predicts academic success and emotional stability
A baby searches the faces of her parents to see how to respond in unfamiliar situations, this is called
social referencing
According to traditional behaviorism, personality is molded as parents:
reinforce or punish a child
social learning takes place by
observing others
Developmentalists have found that social learning takes place:
throughout life
nurturing parents who hold their child often are exhibiting
proximal parenting
self recognition usually emerges at about
18 mo
world wide only about 15% of infants receive daily care from:
a non relative who is paid and trained to provide it
in the US 20% of infants are cared for ___________ throughout their first year
exclusively by their mothers
Essential characteristics of high quality day care are
adequate attention
encouragement of language sensorimotor development
attention to health and safety
professional caregivers
warm and responsive caregivers
mothers who work full time outside the home play with their children ____ as mothers who stay at home play with their children
almost as much as
in home day care is ______ to out of home day care
always preferable

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