Leadership is a very important trait and concept is a management, and plays a prime role for the managers in the organisation. The managers in each and every organisation are required to exercise this trait in their area of professional development, and they must display due professional care in display of leadership role. The managers are entrusted with a dual functionality of representing the staff members in front of management, and representing management in front of staff members. At the outset, they are required to work with large number of subordinates and help them execute their work in a systematic manner.

In this process, they are also required to handle any inconsistency in the execution of work. In ensuring that the sub-ordinates perform their work in the most optimum manner it is important that appropriate leadership skills are displayed by the manager. The manager must be a strong leader in handling the disputes, in representing the group he manages, in resolving any form of dispute, in being a role model for its subordinates and also in getting the work executed (Boal, K. B. & Blau, G. J. , 1987).

A similar form of management trait was displayed in an area of professional development wherein, I was required to manage a group of employees, and the entire group was entrusted in accomplishing the accounting for a recently completed project of infrastructure work. The group members were allotted by the managing director, and were selected on the basis of their accounting skills. The resources which were provided to execute the work were grossly insufficient considering the volume of work. Consequently, there was a high amount of work pressure among the employees working.

With the given time available and the volume of work pending to be executed it was necessary that we had to work for around 150-160% time, and at obviously more than 100% efficiency level. In addition to this there were many team members who were fresher and were executing such a kind of work for the first time. This was a challenge for me, as the work allocation and the management of work had to be done in an effective manner so as to complete the task within the required deadline. The major task in this kind of situation is to keep the employees motivated for the entire period .

It is because, if the employees are motivated and committed to the work, they can perform anything and can achieve anything. It was therefore my duty to keep the employees motivated all along and also guide them in the performance of work. There were many situations when the possibility of collusion amongst the team members happened. In those times, it was essential that, I coordinate the activities of the members and prevent them from any such happening (Kalleberg, A. L. & Lincoln, J. R. , 1996).

As a manager, I was suppose to protect the interest of all the people working in the team, so that they can perform at their fullest potential, without the fear of any other thing. With this exposure I could relate with the leadership traits and values which were acquired from the study of management theories, and the same was found to be very relevant in the practical world. In the real world, there are various stories which are indicative of strong management principles, and transformational stories. These stories are truly inspirational and a large number of things can be learned from them, and applied in the practical life.

The inspirational stories are real life experience, and can be used for references and for drawing inferences from the same, and implementing in the practical day to day life. One can acquire a rich amount of knowledge from these experiences and apply it in the daily life and gain something productive from it. These inspirational stories are found for any topic or for any particular field of study. The real life experiences are found in every level, and mode of operations. We can well relate the same in our practical life. One can read the stories, and take something good from them.

One can know, how these people managed in those difficult times, and in those difficult walks of life, and learning from them, the same could be implemented in our life, and value could be created. There can be some good from these stories, and it is very true that if various different stories are ready with the idea and objective of implementing in our daily life, we will come out with something which shall be of great use to us, and shall have the capability of influencing our lives (D. H. Mathews). It is true that the stories cannot be repeated, neither the same level of success can be achieved by all.

There are various factors which come into play in the individual’s life which might not be present in the life of others, yet there can be a level of success or satisfaction which can be achieved by following these truly inspirational stories. One can at least improve their life by following the true inspirational stories (K. Gomes). There is nothing to lose by following the stories the only possibility left is to make some gain out of this. Hence it is always advisable to follow the inspirational stories and make it play in life.